FIBIS will be exhibiting at Who Do You Think You Are? Live 2015 which will be taking place at Birmingham's NEC next week from 16-18 April 2015. Join us at the UK's biggest family history show and where we will have our team of experts available to help you discover more about your ancestors in British India!

Visit the FIBIS stand at Tables T55-T60 where we will be offering:

FREE Workshops

Exclusive discount coupon for any DNA test from the FTDNA stand if you join FIBIS

FREE guided tour of the FIBIS website to new members

FREE expert advice on your British India research

Selection of specialist research guides, fact files and books

FREE Workshops held at the FIBIS stand

Title - ‘Using family history records from South Asia at the British Library’
Aim - To give an overview of what is and is not held, and how to access it.

Title - Identifying and using online websites for British India Family Research
Aim - Looking at Family History resources accessible from the armchair.

Title - Where are the missing 20%?
Aim - Filling Vital gaps in the India Office Records by Introducing alternative sources.

Title - Was there a blushing Bride?
Aim - Focusing on marriage records of British India to highlight various aspects of family research.

Title - An introduction to the FIBIS website
Aim – An overview of the FIBIS website showing the types of information and guidance available to support research.

Title: Sailing to India 1600-1833: The East India Co’s Maritime Service
Aim: describing the records of those who manned the East India Company’s ships.

SoG Workshop

On the Thursday from 12:15 - 13:00 FIBIS Chairman, Peter Bailey, will be giving the following talk

The British India Army in World War 1

Experience Level: Beginner

Location: SOG Studio 3

The second largest army in the British Empire in 1914 was that of British India. It supported the Allies in all theatres, Western Front, Egypt-Palestine, Gallipoli, East Africa and, particularly, in Mesopotamia. Peter will focus his talk on the operations in Mesopotamia and subsequent operations in Persia. He will describe the Nature of the Indian Army of the time, together with the records of the Europeans and Indians who led the army though to participate in the defeat of the Ottoman Empire.

Peter Bailey is Chairman of the 'Families in British India Society' and lectures and writes books and articles on Family History in British India. He has nine ancestors who lived over four generations in India, four of them in the army, either the East India Company Army, the Indian Army or the British Army serving in India. Peter has been a Member of the Society of Genealogists for over 47 years and has served as a Trustee.

Family Tree DNA Theatre

On Saturday from 15:15 - 16:00 FIBIS trustees Valmay Young and Geraldine Charles will be giving the following workshop

The Genetic Legacy of British India - the FIBIS DNA Project

This presentation relates to people who went to India under the East India Company and the Raj and married into Indian/Anglo Indian families. The presentation will cover Mitochondrial Eve; Geraldine’s own mtDNA result which indicate Indian ancestry; Illustrating with Geraldine’s family tree, How others of her extended family tree share her mtDNA; How she used the tree to identify other living individuals, who carry other testable mtDNA lines for ancestors they have in common; The Y-chromosome and its significance with respect to surnames in Britain; FIBIS’s DNA project; Autosomal Family Finder/MyOrigins results from Valmay’s family and other people in the FIBIS project.

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