Fe Py Sourceforge. FePy FePy project aims to provide enhancements and add-ons for IronPython, an implementation of Python programming language. Here...


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  • My .NET Notes and Books
    via factoryswblog

    I’ve done a fair amount of VB.NET and C# .NET development.  So here are some notes about .NET development techniques along with comments about the  .NET books I own. Languages C# is deservedly the most popular .NET languages. ...

  • eBook.IT.Collection.001
    via irarchive

    eBook.IT.Collection.001| Size : 69.44GB eBook IT Collection 001 Release Name: eBook IT Collection 001 Release Date: 2013-09-26 Release Size: 60GB Release URL: n/a INSTALLATION 1. Extract 2. Read & Learn SUMMARY List of IT eBooks collected...

  • A Look at 5 Free Python Editors
    via career-resources.dice

    Python programming can be done from the command line, but an IDE makes life so much easier. With so many options out there, which one should you use? To help you decide, I’ve looked at five Python editors (all free). Although Python has been more of...

  • This week we welcome Douglas Starnes as our PyDev of the Week. Douglas Starnes is a polyglot ninja in the Memphis, TN area. He has spent the past 8 years developing software in multiple languages including C#, Python, JavaScript and more on mobile, cloud...

  • Technology Catchup
    via planet.gnome

    Coincidentally three different people asked me in the last month, to write about new technologies that they should be knowing, to make them more eligible to get a job in a startup. All these people have been C/C++ programmers, in big established companies...

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Fepy.sourceforge.net popular pages

  • IronPython 1.x

    IronPython 1.x List of patches against previous versions of IronPython are also available.

  • FePy options

    FePy options FePy has some optional parts you can choose to use or not. These options are provided by fepy package. For example, you may want to use cipher option, which re-implements parts of Pytho...

  • FePy

    FePy FePy project aims to provide enhancements and add-ons for IronPython, an implementation of Python programming language. Here are some documentations for using FePy: Here are some links to repor...

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