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  • Headlines: Polls, trolls, laws, toxins, more
    via richardbrenneman.wordpress

    Long visit from a kidlet, so late in posting. But major elections in Europe hint at major changes to come, and much more. . .so on with the show! First, takin’ to the streets with RT: World protests Monsanto grip on food supply chain Hundreds...

    via value-picks.blogspot

    At a time ,retail investors are fed up with the current lackluster movement of stock market ,response to GTS -3 was surprising .Received around 2o0 responses in e-mail out of which 32 were correct from the following readers.  1) AKHAND GHAI&nbsp...

  • An interview with Lord Adair Turner
    via transitionnetwork

    I met Lord Adair Turner (I'll let him introduce himself in a minute) in his office near Hyde Park on a beautiful morning in June.  I was fascinated to get his sense of where we find ourselves in relation to climate change, and in terms of the government...

  • Drumbeat: April 22, 2013
    via theoildrum

    Is Saudi Arabia Losing Its Importance in the Oil Market? For three decades or so, Saudi Arabia has wielded considerable influence on the global oil market. The kingdom's status as the world's only "swing producer" has given it the unparalleled ability...

  • Barack Obama may have been our last realistic hope in a generation for action to slow climate change. He called the issue "not just the greatest environmental challenge [but] one of our greatest challenges of any kind" and made tackling C02 emissions...

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