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  • It’s always unnerving to learn that there was a giant hunk of space rock flying so close to the Earth you almost needed to duck. Like the asteroid that did a fly-by at just half the distance between the Earth and the moon on Monday of this week. Unlike...

  • Last week we announced that Barbara Bretton’s Just Desserts is our Romance of the Week and the sponsor of thousands of great bargains in the Romance category: over 200 free titles, over 600 quality 99-centers, and thousands more that you can read...

  • Best Reference Titles of 2016
    via libraryjournal

    This year’s list, compiled by a group of LJ’s top reference reviewers and editors, spans a wide range of subject areas, from a dictionary of Shakespearean vocabulary and a journey through classic sf films to an encyclopedia of cheese and a collection...

  • Mome Week: Mome 6-11
    via highlowcomics.blogspot

    In my first wide-ranging review of Fantagraphics' anthology MOME, I compared the structure of the anthology to that of a minor-league baseball team. That comparison has become even more apt with the six most recent volumes, as many of the original contributors...

  • OCTOBER 12 In History 539 BCE : The Persian armies of Cyrus the Great captured Babylon .  Within the year, Cyrus would make it possible for the Jews to return to their homeland. 1285: The Jews of Munich ( Germany ) were caught in a claim of blood...

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  • ATLAS - Emails

    Please enter the letters shown above:* NOTE: The email alert system will request email account verification. Please allow up to a few hours for the e-mail to arrive. If you do not receive the verif...

  • ATLAS - Glossary

    Glossary AU Astronomical Unit: The mean distance between the Earth and Sun, equal to about 150 million kilometers (or about 93 million miles). Asteroid An asteroid is an icy dirtball that orbits...

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