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  • DeafDigest Gold – May 4, 2014 Gold edition            Barry Strassler, Editor http://deafdigest.com – updated every Monday America’s Unique Deaf Stories; subscription at no...

  • You happily pay a go to to this expert to get a million dollar smile. Common techniques are removal, correction and replacement of decayed, ruined or lost enamel.In addition, this expert also has to have out personal computer and magnetic resonance...

  • GOOGLE: How the CIA made Google
    via nesaranews.blogspot

    HOW  THE  CIA  MADE  GOOGLE Inside  the  secret  network  behind  mass  surveillance,  endless  war,  and  Skynet — part 1 And  you  thought  GOOGLE  was your  friend?! By Nafeez Ahmed In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris, western governments...

  • John Kerry made his first trip to an Arab capital as secretary of state on Saturday, hoping to prod Egyptian politicians to show a measure of political peace and a commitment to economic change. This week, the White House released a list of the 20...

  • EMERSON T. BROOKING AND P. W. SINGER NOVEMBER 2016 Direct link to the publisher – Like most every­thing today, the campaign was launched with a hashtag. But instead of promoting a new album or a movie release, #AllEyesOnISIS announced the 2014 invasion...

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    UA Websites Do you need a website to get your message out?  To reach your students, faculty and staff with informative and useful news, data and links?    Office of Instruction and Assessment offers...

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    What type of features are you thinking of including? (news page, blog, photo album, other) Will this site have private content for authorized users only? If so to above, how many users are we talkin...

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    Faculty - OIA Agreement The OIA's Technologies Development Team is pleased to bring this free service to UA faculty. We know that many campus departments are unable to provide this service. In excha...

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