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  • Hi reddit! We are scientists at Harvard who study evolution from all different angles. Evolution is like a “grand unified theory” for biology, which helps us understand so many aspects of life on earth. Many of the major ideas about evolution by natural...

  • With over 40 new open source organizations participating in this year’s Google Summer of Code, we are excited to introduce a few every Friday in our weekly blog series. This week we have 3 organizations, GNSS-SDR, PRISM and HISP, all describing...

  • Summary: Systems glycobiology studies the interaction of various pathways that regulate glycan biosynthesis and function. Software tools for the construction and analysis of such pathways are not yet available. We present GNAT, a platform-independent...

  • If genes are the mile markers, then genetic research is the road. For scientists and doctors, genetic research can spell the ability to diagnose, treat, prevent and hopefully even cure many diseases. However, in order to accomplish such feats, a lot...

  • Alice Brues on Race
    via humanvarieties

    A reader asked if I might refer him to a cogent, while pithy, elaboration of the natural historian’s concept of race, an exposition which he might cite in future discussions. One of the most lucid articulations which I have encountered can be found in...

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