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  • Brexit has created a vacuum in the Conservative Party leadership. The resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron after the referendum on EU membership has allowed various members of his party to bid to replace him as leader not just of his own political...

  • At a time when Israel is facing the threat of nuclear annihilation and many believe the world is nearing the midnight hour on God’s prophetic clock, millions of evangelical Christians are rallying to support Israel. Even the Jewish community—long suspicious...

  • Why the pro-life movement must embrace the defence of marriage and the family or face defeat John Smeaton, Bringing America Back to Life Convention, Cleveland, Ohio, 7th March 2015 1 I’ve worked in the pro-life movement for 41 years, for 40 years at...

  • Mobolaji: Hello ma’am. Thank you for joining us today! Dumebi: It’s a pleasure to be here. Thank you for having me. Mobolaji: Please, briefly tell us about yourself and what you represent. Dumebi:‎ I am a teacher, a librarian and an author known for...

  • In the process, they brought the Persian Empire to its knees, amputated the Byzantine Empire and erased the Visigothic kingdoms. Seldom in our entire human history has anyone seen a single people, the Arabs, conduct such a hostile conquest and thus claim...

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