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  • What you’ll find below are some incredible ways to support your body, mind and spirit. These websites aim to provide support for your personal wellness. We believe that each of these different endeavors, be they herbalism, coping with stress...

  • by Dr. John Douillard, DC: The word rasa means “lymph” or “juice,” and ayana is a “special study.” Rasayana is, therefore, the study of our rasa (our lymph), or our “longevity...

  • HJ: Similar to how we all have unique body types, this pattern also extends to our emotional tendencies and can be a very useful tool for helping us better understand ourselves.  When we know what our patterns are, that effectively disarms much of their...

  • Quiz: What’s Your Emotional Body Type
    via expandedconsciousness

    By Dr. John Douillard Have you ever wondered why we do the same dumb things again and again in our lives? Perhaps you are repeatedly attracted to the same kind of partner, or get triggered by your spouse or kids in the same way, over and over again...

  • Ayurvedic Winter Skin Care
    via layogamagazine

    While we are in the tail end of Winter, we’re feeling the accumulated effects of months of dryness. This brings up a few important questions: How does your skin feels now? Are you experiencing any  dryness, burning, itching, or localized...

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