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  • OCTOBER 28 In Jewish History 97: Emperor Nerva is forced by the Praetorian Guard, to adopt general Marcus Ulpius Trajanus as his heir and successor. Trajan would not become Emperor until Nerva died in January of the following year. Trajan will be remembered...

  • Headlines: Polls, trolls, laws, toxins, more
    via richardbrenneman.wordpress

    Long visit from a kidlet, so late in posting. But major elections in Europe hint at major changes to come, and much more. . .so on with the show! First, takin’ to the streets with RT: World protests Monsanto grip on food supply chain Hundreds...

  • 1028 Alfonso V King of Le=n/Galicia (999-1028), dies in battle. 1028 Death of King Alfonso V of Castile, Le=n, and Galicia 1192 Death of Duke Ottokar IV of Styria (b. 1163) 1194 Death of King Casimir II of Poland (b. 1138) 1194 Kazimierz II the Justified...

  • "Madame Prime Minister, is there one event which stands out in your mind in terms of importance for triggering the world's rapid decline over the past ten years?" queried Elizabeth Darcy, chief foreign affairs correspondent for The Australian Journal...

  • I Comfortably seated in the great room of a beautiful bourgeois home in Berchem, a community bordering on Antwerp/Anvers, Major-General Mac Cauley and High Burgermeister Leuwen were negotiating in English. The late autumn of 2065 was harsh, as though...

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