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  • DeafDigest Gold – June 30, 2013 Gold edition            Barry Strassler, Editor – updated every Monday America’s Unique Deaf Stories; subscription at no...

  • Sunday, 2:22pm Reno, NV “Let’s make the most of every second we can borrow…” (“Let It Ride”, BTO) Howdy. I was going through the archives here, found this bitchin’ post from last September… … and decided to re-post it. Cuz it’s so good. Reality...

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    Forecast 2015 — Life in the Breakdown Lane James Howard Kunstler January 4, 2015 “Don’t look back — something might be gaining on you,” Satchel Paige famously warned. For connoisseurs of civilizational collapse, 2014 was merely annoying, a continued...

  • What’s the best way to learn a new language? A really good way to approach language hacking is to look at how other people learn - especially how successful language learners pick up a new language and approach the challenges of language learning. ...

  • Money. Of course.Unfortunately, way too many hotels are 'started' by people who are completely unmindful of the fact that they could need anything more than that. Even more unfortunately, the ending is frequently a disappointing, if not unhappy, one...

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  • Life@SP Website

    Life@SP Website Thank you for using this e-Service. As part of our on-going efforts to provide better customer service, we would appreciate it if you could complete the survey form below. Is t...

  • Major Financial Products - Wed 12 Apr 2017

    Major Financial Products - Wed 12 Apr 2017 Please answer question 1 (Contact Number) before continuing. Contact Details - We need your contact details to contact you in the event that o...

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