Freelancers and clients alike are now happily throwing search parties, celebrating the newest Elance search tool: Portfolio Samples search (beta).

Portfolio Samples search is a handy new tool allowing businesses to pin-point the best candidates by searching for specific Portfolio samples. For example, if you’re in the market for a mobile app developer for your business, just click the Portfolio Samples tab and type in:  Business mobile app for the iPhone

Our search engine will comb through Elance Portfolios and serve-up the most relevant results.

Clients will quickly find concrete examples of fitting work, making it easier than ever to choose among various people.

Freelancers love Portfolio Samples search too, as it gives everyone a way to showcase their talents to those looking for that exact work experience and expertise.

To get the ball rolling we’re starting Portfolio Samples search with two categories: IT & Programming and Design & Multimedia. We’ll also be adding more categories later, so be sure to check back.

Note: If you’re a freelancer and want to make sure your Portfolio is optimized for client searches, here are some words of wisdom from the sages of search:

• Be sure to upload your latest and greatest samples to your Portfolio.

• Edit all samples (new and old), giving each a unique tag, description and title (remember, these are the search terms clients will be searching for).

• In your description, describe your role in the project as well ... be specific about what part of the project you worked on how you tackled the assignment.

• Review samples to make sure they look great (we’ve automatically created thumbnails, but you can use the simple editing tool to adjust as needed).

Pretty cool, eh?

Our new Portfolio Samples search is just another way we’re helping you Work Differently and be more successful. So check it out, play with it, find things and enjoy. Also be sure to tell us what you think. On each Portfolio Samples search results page you'll find a link for feedback.

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