The New York Times continues to weep and wail about ‘America First’ Trump’s actions. ‘How dare he protect US voters’, they whine.  All the major media is whining about him investigating exactly how many illegal aliens were allowed to vote in DNC run state.  ‘How dare he investigate voting by non-voters?’ they scream in unison.  Supposedly, the GOP is worried about Obama’s healthcare system!  What?  HAHAHA.  That’s why they all ran against it?  HAHAHA.  And the GOP doesn’t want to spend money on the military, according to the same secret agents spying on what they are saying in private.  Oh, the Bilderberg gang.  No mention of that organization the NYT owners belong to.

Trump to speak with Putin, Merkel and Abe in day of calls. Oh no, more diplomacy!  Merkel  whined about the election and screeched she would take in infinite numbers of illegal aliens and deplored US attempts at stopping this flood.  Now, she is changing direction as Germans get more and more upset about aliens attacking them at home and even murdering and raping them.  Abe, of Japan, doesn’t let even one alien in without huge hurtles and lifetime restrictions on what they can touch or not touch.

“We’re looking to have a great relationship with all countries,” Trump said. “If we can have a great relationship with Russia and China and all countries I’m all for that.”

And we can…but we also have to protect our own borders.  Europe has discovered too late what happens when many millions of illegal aliens are let in.  Now, everyone is demanding they be let in.  A shocking number of ‘refugees’ go back and forth between Europe and their homes on visits and celebrations which means they are not refugees at all.  They are invaders.

On Friday night, however, a senior administration official said the current plan was not to lift the Russian sanctions.

This is the job of Congress.  Obama ignored Congress and ran the White House as a dictator.  Some on the right want Trump to do this but I hope he doesn’t.  It would be wrong and we will be living in a dictatorship forever.  Right now, we have a time limit for dictators which is why Obama is gone.  But note how the left threw a giant temper tantrum over this, demanding a liberal dictatorship continue despite Congress being mostly GOP.

The Kremlin has sought to lower expectations, suggesting Putin is simply calling as a matter of protocol to congratulate the US leader on his inauguration.

Putin isn’t stupid.  Trump just weathered a left wing attack on the election with false claims Russia ran it (amazing, note the number of proposals to fix the voting mess that the DNC pushed: ZERO) and he can’t just jet off and do something about this.  He is doing this slowly and cautiously and Putin will respond in kind and this is how diplomacy is done.

Trump needs to bring in the GOP leaders and a bunch of these are Bilderberg gangsters so luring them into doing the right thing will be tricky but I suspect Trump is aware of all this by now.

But there is some excitement in Russia about a possible detente between Washington and Moscow under the Trump administration.

The childish levels the US Fake News media giants have fallen into is due to them all belonging to secret organizations set up to enslave workers in first world countries and flood these with illegal aliens and legal ones, too, and then remove all security systems at home opening the door to armies of terrorists.

Why do this? Obvious: scared people go to the elites to save them from the foreign terrorists the elites bring in!  Only this is backfiring now: it is bringing in revolts against the Bilderberg fake liberals like Hillary and brining in the right wing in Europe and the US.

Google has been attacking voters on the right nearly nonstop.  Its choices at Google News shows clearly the agenda of Google which is run by a man from India who now lives in the US, he is a ‘productive’ foreigner but still, a foreigner. And his leaning towards free trade and open borders is obvious in the Google News choices.

Note the ‘Google criticizes immigration order’…duh.  Google features the Washington Post…the Amazon.com owner of the Post hires foreigners a lot and US workers have complained about that in the past since he brings many of them here at cheaper wages, for example.  He, too, is making up one story after another about how crappy Trump is.

The WP was forced to admit after weeks of stupid propaganda about how Trump can’t go to England, the Queen hates him, etc. the Prime Minister shows up and does the kissy kissy with Trump as I predicted right after the election.

Why did all the Fake News push the ‘Britain hates Trump’ story?  It was pure propaganda they made up.  I read Brit news daily and saw no sign that the people there were against Trump at all.  Just the usual red flag leftists who are extremely noisy were against it and much of the people of old Britain (not recent immigrants and illegal aliens) were cheering him on, they, after all, voted for Brexit to keep out invaders.

This Washington Post story (it is hidden behind a paywall but we don’t need to read it anyways) claims falsely (what else!) that Trump’s claims of illegal voters has zero proof (good lord, what a stupid lie to use as a fig leaf!).  It is truly sad, this level of denial of reality.  Indeed, it has a name:  ‘insanity’.

Here is the news story that is all garbled up since why does Google have to bring these people back to the US?  Google criticises Trump’s immigration order, recalls staff to the US…oh, I get it, these are foreigners working for Google who want to keep their ‘US worker’ status up to date!

“We’re upset about the impact of this order and any proposals that could impose restrictions on Googlers and their families, or that could create barriers to bringing great talent to the US,” he wrote.

“It’s painful to see the personal cost of this executive order on our colleagues.”

This FUCKER is the result of many years in the last 30 years of US businesses bringing in foreign labor to undermine wages of US tech workers. They are now taking over all the tech businesses here and they now DEMAND to bring in more cheap university level labor because they don’t want to hire US citizens who might demand higher wages, etc.

The technology industry was predominantly supportive of Hillary Clinton prior to the election, and is heavily reliant on skilled immigrant labour — meaning Donald Trump’s isolationist, anti-immigrant rhetoric has provoked worry in Silicon Valley. Steve Bannon, Donald Trump’s chief strategist and former editor of far-right news site Breitbart, has previously expressed concerns about the number of Asian CEOs in the technology industry.

“When two-thirds or three-quarters of the CEOs in Silicon Valley are from South Asia or from Asia, I think…” he said. “A country is more than an economy. We’re a civic society.”

I used to work for a computer research company long ago. Today, the MAJORITY of workers are brought in from overseas. What? US citizens can’t do this work? HUH??? No, it is purely for cheap labor this has happened. I remember when they scammed the US public complaining we didn’t graduate enough workers here to run things…today, anxious US citizens pay big money to go to school here to work in tech jobs only to find they won’t be hired due to their wage demands.
Sundar Pichai’s bio:

Pichai was born in[2] Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India, in a Tamil family to Lakshmi and Ragunatha Pichai.[12] He spent his childhood in Madras (now Chennai). His father was a senior electrical engineer at General Electric, and managed a factory that made electrical components.[13][14][15] Sundar grew up in a two-room apartment on 46th Street, 7th Avenue, in Ashok Nagar, Chennai.[16]

Pichai joined Google in 2004, where he led the product management and innovation efforts for a suite of Google’s client software products, including Google Chrome[24] and Chrome OS, as well as being largely responsible for Google Drive. He went on to oversee the development of different applications (apps) such as Gmail and Google Maps.[25][26] On 19 November 2009, Pichai gave a demonstration of Chrome OS and the Chromebook was released for trial and testing in 2011, and released to the public in 2012.[27] On 20 May 2010, he announced the open-sourcing of the new video codec VP8 by Google, and introduced the new video format, WebM.[28]

On 13 March 2013, Pichai added Android to the list of Google products he oversees. Android was formerly managed by Andy Rubin.[29] He was a director of Jive Software from April 2011 to 30 July 2013.[30][31][32] Pichai was selected to become the next CEO of Google on 10 August 2015[10] after previously being appointed Product Chief by CEO, Larry Page. On 24 October 2015, he stepped into the new position upon the completion of the formation of Alphabet Inc., the new holding company for the Google company family.[11][32][33]

Pichai had been suggested as a contender for Microsoft’s CEO in 2014, a position that was eventually given to Satya Nadella.[34][35]

Satya Nadella

Nadella was born into a Telugu-speaking family[10] in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India (now in the state of Telangana). His father, Bukkapuram Nadella Yugandher, was a civil servant of the Indian Administrative Service.[11][12] Nadella attended the Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet[13] before attaining a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering[14] from the Manipal Institute of Technology in 1988 (then affiliated with Mangalore University), Manipal, Karnataka.[15][16]

Nadella subsequently traveled to the U.S. to study for an M.S. degree in computer science at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee,[17] receiving his degree in 1990.[18] Later he received an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.[19][20]

On 4 February 2014, Nadella was announced as the new CEO of Microsoft,[8][9] the third chief executive in the company’s history, following Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer.[29][30][31][32]

12 Nobel laureates, thousands of academics sign protest of Trump immigration order. Six of the ‘Nobel Prize winners’ are in economics that is, the clowns who devised the present global free trade scam.

What’s at stake, said Emery Berger, a professor in the College of Information and Computer Sciences at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, who is not one of the organizers of the petition but supports the effort, begins with free exchange of information.

But there’s more. He said he has already heard academics overseas planning to avoid, or boycott, conferences in the United States. “It’s very chilling,” he said.

Here are comments from readers of the Washington Post (a huge number of readers attack the Post’s articles like this and the Post staff ignores the consequences of all this, mostly conservative males but then, they have been under attack from liberals for years and years now):


9:14 AM EST

If anyone needed proof that the U.S. academe supports terrorists this is it. They are opposed to getting Christians, the most brutalized minority, out of the Muslim Mid East. Every Christian, Druze, Yazidi, etc. that qualifies should be let in before the next Muslim is.


9:10 AM EST

“From Iran alone, more than 3,000 students have received PhDs from American universities in the past 3 years. ”

There ya go! And some of those physics and chemistry PhDs went straight into Iran’s secret nuclear weapons programme.

Thank you, President Trump, for making the civilized world just a tad safer.



9:14 AM EST

Not only that, but those graduates took the place of Americans that might have been vying for those slots.

Rasmussen poll showed clearly before the election that the majority of US voters do NOT want millions of middle eastern ‘refugees’ into the US:

The Obama administration announced this week plans to increase the total number of worldwide refugees accepted into the United States to 100,000 by 2017 in response to the ongoing migrant crisis from parts of the Middle East into Europe. Few U.S. voters agree with this decision, perhaps in part because a sizable majority have national security concerns.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 49% of Likely U.S. Voters say they want the government to allow no refugees from Syria and other Middle Eastern countries into the United States. Another 20% only support President Obama’s initial proposal of allowing 10,000 refugees to resettle here. Just 22% agree with the administration’s decision to allow in even more refugees, including seven percent (7%) who favor resettling 100,000 or more in this country. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

The US media owners want us all to believe that we want more immigration so our wages can drop further and whole populations be displaced and marginalized who are citizens and they want us to believe there is no such thing as ‘citizenship’ at all.  This fight is a ferocious fight literally to the death because the rulers want to replace us all because we are indoctrinated with the idea that we are citizens of our own country and have a say about what we do next.

They hate us for this and are determined to destroy us as living entities if necessary.  They also lure citizens into supporting their own destruction by telling them, they can do whatever sex stuff they want, etc.  All the culture war goodies stuff that costs the elites nothing.  But meddle with their exploitation of labor and draconian rule: they become quite vicious and even homicidal.

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