Today’s news headlines at the NYT.

Black Panther in Phoenix tries to kill three cops with his car – YouTube I just added this finally we know, NOT VIA THE WP OR NYT who tried to assassinate three officers several hours ago!

In the face of mounting opposition to the Bilderberg gang’s crummy propaganda schemes this election, all the ‘liberal’ businesses which are run by Hillary supporters are now doing something very dangerous on the internet: they are censoring anyone who disagrees with their propaganda and are challenging the elite rulers via the Internet, talking to each other now that virtually no news services or platforms allow any or only very rare, heavily edited comments:  Facebook, Twitter join coalition to improve online news by censoring anyone who exposes this propaganda scheme.

First Draft News, which is backed by Google, announced Tuesday that some 20 news organizations will be part of its partner network to share information on best practices for journalism in the online age.

The ‘best way’ according to what I see all the major media doing is to shut out all comments and to openly lie about nearly everything.

Jenni Sargent, managing director of First Draft, said the partner network will help advance the organization’s goal of improving news online and on social networks.

Da, Tovarichi!  Stalin says, news run by him is far better than you all talking to each other without Big Brother listening in.

“Filtering out false information can be hard. Even if news organizations only share fact-checked and verified stories, everyone is a publisher and a potential source,” she said in a blog post.

HAHAHAHAHA…I swear, this is all a conspiracy to make me laugh to death.  The last humans on earth who can ‘fact check’ anything are our media monsters who lie about everything in order to get paid oodles of money.  They lie so nakedly, they belong in a nudist colony.

“We are not going to solve these problems overnight, but we’re certainly not going to solve them as individual organizations.”

That’s right, band together openly to censor all citizens trying to talk back!  Then all the propaganda will flow like mother’s milk to everyone who will believe it until the Soviet Union collapses.  Comments from readers of this news are fun to read, they are nearly 100% against this but never mind, none of our rulers will listen to anyone.

Sheerblather16 hours ago

Just give up the Facebook account already. You can live without Facebook – I have never had an account and my life is as full as ever. Plus if you all will give up the Facebook drug, then I will get to enjoy watching this company crash and that would be awesome.

As to Google, yes, the ability we gained to quickly dig through the internet has been great, but a company with the motto “Do No Harm” should have always been viewed as suspect. Google’s true colors have been revealing themselves bit by bit over the years and now everyone should really understand what this behemoth really stands for.

Poor New York Times to now be partnered with the likes of Al Jazeera and BuzzFeed News. How the mighty have fallen. I had actually considered buying a subscription, but now – no way.

I hate Facebook.  Won’t use it.  It is ugly looking and it is annoying like someone who has brain damage and can’t keep standing up, sort of like Hillary.

J18 hours ago

All this means is that we must continue to not believe anything we hear from, the MSM and the online control freaks like Google and FaceBook.

We all know they lie all the time and want rid of the right wing rabble, capitalism, borders, upward mobility, freedom in general.


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RBinDM17 hours ago

Its 1939 and the Fascist coalition just announced its media members. If they manage to cover up Hillary’s health issues. And manage to cover up the crimes she committed while at the State Dept. And manage to cover up the crimes she committed using the Clinton Foundation to launder hundreds of millions of dollars. AND they manage to steal the election by fraud and fabrication … then listen to and believe this coalition of media partners … otherwise there is a death camp waiting for you. Just sayin … History has a way of repeating itself ….

Jack2 hours ago

This is a propaganda coalition that will censor the alternative media. All these propaganda organizations are anti freedom, globalist with an agenda to promote their narratives to deceive the masses. These people are the problem. They are liars. It’s sad that anyone would work for any of these twisted organizations. If you work for these phony news or other corrupt organizations, know this: you are working to enslave yourselves to these demons. They are out to silence the truth. Stop using and supporting this network of fascism.

Talland3 hours ago

clearly there is a willingness within the press to conspire to keep their readers in the dark about issues, so vividly displayed in the Hillary Clinton Health Conspiracy, where reporters and liberal news outlets suppressed and actively denied the obvious health issues of HRC. She lied about being sick to reporters faces and they knew she lied, but they wrote ‘she’s not sick’ 10 million times. Now, she has more than pneumonia or she would have gone to the ER, like every Secret Service charge. Do you think 200 police and Secret Servicemen don’t have a plan to get to the ER? That’s the whole plan – if someone is shot – go to the nearest Level 1 Trauma. She has something that she doesn’t want the Doctors of Bellevue to know about!

Today, all the media giants are pretending there was no Hillary collapse and her insane decision to go to her kid’s expensive Manhattan hideaway while daughter Chelsea is in GEORGIA…only her unemployable broken Wall Street crook husband was home with the two nannies…to fix her collapse is just beyond amazing.

Normally, when elderly ladies collapse like she did in public, they are taken to Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan to the sixth floor (well, to the insane ward since according to them all, she has no Parkinson’s disease).  The mis-reporting of the news, the fact that the real news came via the citizens using online platforms, has utterly destroyed the brains of our rulers who now will slit their own economic wrists to kill all online comments, news reporting, anything.

That is, they now intend to kill the Internet!  I have been long banned by mainstream media.  To be banned, just talk about the Bilderberg gang.  It is very verboten.  One can still Google ‘Bilderberg Gang.’

Hey, I am still on Google!  Near the top if one types in ‘Bilderberg GANG’ which is my personal name for Hillary and her buddies.  Note the Guardian, a very leftist, going bankrupt ‘news’ service that doesn’t give much news anymore.  They call the Bilderberg meetings ‘innocent conferences’.  HAHAHA.  Then there is Prison Planet.  Oh, the dark world I live in…HAHAHA.

Suppressing citizens discussing the news is big stuff for our rulers and their tools.  One tool that I have zero trust in is Snopes.  I would rename the service ‘Nopes’.  The lady running that scam who is trusted by our elites to lie about things, lied about the story that a news media giant accidentally reported Hillary died on Sunday.

SuperStation95 – SNOPES.COM – WRONG AGAIN! McClatchy News Service and WABC-TV Confirm SuperStation95 story that Eyewitness News Anchor actually DID say “details on Hillary Clinton’s Death”

At 11:00 PM eastern daylight time on Sunday, September 11, 2016, WABC-TV commenced its nightly broadcast of “Eyewitness News” and the weekend Anchorman, Joe Torre, lead the broadcast with the statement “Good Evening, we begin with the breaking news of Hillary Clinton’s Death.”

One of our SuperStation95 listeners/readers sent us a grainy video of the stunning WABC broadcast and we verified it, then uploaded the grainy video to Youtube for all of you to view. That video appears below…Two days later, on September 13, SNOPES.com claimed our story was “FALSE” and went on to make libelous accusations against SuperStation95, including the claim that this radio station is not a radio station, that we are somehow connected to a guy named Hal Turner and that we routinely run “hoax” stories. This article was written by SNOPES.com writer Kim LaCapria. All of Snopes.com accusations in the story are completely fraudulent.

A day before SNOPES.com called our story “FALSE” McClatchy News Service confirmed we were right as follows:

TV anchor accidentally reports Hillary Clinton died



A TV anchor started his broadcast Sunday with a startling statement.

“Good evening,” said WABC weekend anchor Joe Torres. “We begin with Hillary Clinton’s death.”

Torres didn’t correct himself, but the broadcast continued on to report Clinton’s health troubles at Sunday’s 9/11 memorial ceremony in New York. The Democratic presidential candidate was dehydrated standing outside on the hot day, her campaign said, and video taken of her leaving the site early showed her needing assistance to get into a van…

As you might imagine, SNOPES statements about us were widely circulated, and; SNOPES.com statements have had an economic impact upon SuperStation95.

According to our legal Counsel, the four elements mentioned above (False statements, intentionally false, widely circulated, and; caused economic damage) are the four criteria necessary to hold a media outlet like SNOPES.com civilly liable in court. Congratulations SNOPES.com and Kim LaCapria; you finally went too far.

As is typical with SNOPES.com and its writer(s), they made no effort whatsoever to call, write or e-mail SuperStation95 to properly investigate the issue before they published libelous statements against us. SNOPES doesn’t investigate! They have writers who do their own research, then get to use the SNOPES web site to misrepresent their own conclusions as “facts.” Quite simply, SNOPES.com is disreputable.

I hope they win the lawsuit.  I wish I could sue everyone who is lying about me but they don’t lie about me, they pretend I don’t exist.  Hillary, herself, lied about Infowars last week before collapsing into a pool of jello and she didn’t mention me!  Damn.  And she knows me, we have actually corresponded with each other in the past, for example.  She knows perfectly well, who I am!

This pisses me off no end.  What can I do to get the Clintons to mention me to the media?  HAHAHA.  In the past, the media has been forced to mention and even show me but generally, show my hands or people get to hear my voice talking to top elected officials (usually ordering them to do something) but never show my face or do any follow up interviews.

On to other news:  Shocking moment driver ‘intentionally plows into three Phoenix cops outside a gas station’ | Daily Mail Online reports.

Today’s WP headlines!  Note how they are now denying anything is wrong with Hillary and it is ‘sickening’ for us to speculate about her Parkinson’s disease and that disease isn’t named by the WP for fear people will look it up and see we are right to talk about this.  And then the WP asks for us to suggest questions for Hillary?  HAHAHA.

In a rat’s ass!

U.S. and Israel reach agreement on unprecedented amount of military aid the WP says, that is Obama gave them some of the loot, they wanted nearly double that and are pissed off and want Hillary in so they can change it and get more loot but since it looks like Trump will be President, they settled for less just in case.

The agreement is expected to give Israel as much as $3.8 billion a year over 10 years, more aid than the United States has ever provided to any country. That is also much lower than the $4 billion to $5 billion a year that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sought.

Couldn’t happen to a better guy news:  Warren Buffett loses $1.4BN in one day as Wells Fargo stocks plummet | Daily Mail Online

Buffett, who remains the world’s fourth richest man with a personal wealth of $65.8billion, has long enthused about the safety and surety of Wells Fargo.

The push to push Putin down the stairs continues:  Putin could have poisoned Hillary says world renowned doctor who exposed NFL concussion crisis and was played by Will Smith in Hollywood movie | Daily Mail Online. HOW CAN HE DO THIS when HILLARY’S GANG SAYS SHE IS OK????  Duh.  Crossed wires again, dudes.  Weirdest poison ever, no?  90 minutes at her daughter’s pad and she was totally restored to best health ever.

“It’s Bordering Chaos”: $14 Billion In Cargo Stranded At Sea, Crews “Go Crazy” On Hanjin Ghost Ships | Zero Hedge

Meanwhile, in addition to the stranded cargo, there are other more pressing problems: “Our ships can become ghost ships,” said Kim Ho Kyung, a manager at Hanjin Shipping’s labor union.

“Food and water are running down in those ships floating in international waters.” As a result, The company has started providing food, water and daily necessities to crews on six Hanjin ships anchored at ports including Rotterdam and Singapore. About 70 container movers and 15 bulk ships are stranded at 50 ports in 26 countries, according to Hanjin. One Hanjin captain operating a ship in international waters near Japan said his vessel has been given permission to enter a Japanese port Wednesday to unload cargo, but will be required to head back out soon after.

However the biggest threat is that being faced by Hanjin’s clients, who now find themselves with no products, and recourse.

About 95% of the world’s manufactured goods—from dresses to televisions—are transported in shipping containers. Though Hanjin accounts for only about 3.2% of global container capacity, the disruption, which comes as retailers prepare to stock their shelves for the holiday season, is expected to be costly, as companies scramble to book their goods on other carriers.

Analysts don’t expect the snarl to leave U.S. retailers with inventory shortfalls for the holidays, but the longer the logjam drags on, the greater the risk.

Asian economies continue in crisis.  This is real news.  I got it from overseas, of course.





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