Title: To Release an Earl
Author: Ilene Withers
Genre: Historical Romance, Regency
Pages: 216
Published by: Clean Reads
Published Date: February 8, 2015

Narrated by: Valerie Gilbert
Length: 7 hours, 5 minutes
Release Date: April 11, 2016
Published by: Astraea Press DBA Clean Reads

Books by Ilene Withers, sequels
The Blackmailed Beauty
To Release an Earl
Injured Sensibilities

Publisher’s Summary:

Sequel to The Blackmailed Beauty

After experiencing a life changing injury while out riding her beloved horse Pirate, Willa Dutton becomes convinced she should release her fiancé, the Earl of Roydon, from their engagement. She feels another woman would be better able to provide him with heirs and participate in the activities he loves. With this decision made, Willa sets out to find him a better wife by matchmaking.

Meanwhile, the earl believes that someone is trying to kill Willa. Learning that her saddle had been sabotaged is only the beginning. As more attempts are made to kill Willa, the earl sets out to find out who the suspect is. At the same time, he finds that Willa’s behavior has become a bit odd as she has started hosting parties and pushing other women at him. Will he solve the mysteries in time and convince Willa that she is his one and only love?

©2015 Ilene Withers (P)2016 Clean Reads

My Thoughts:  I enjoy reads like this just as much as romances with deeper love scenes.  Feelings and the intense love between hero and heroine are strengthened by their understanding and compassion for each other’s plight, tested by the calamity.  Consequently, this is a clean read and highly recommended for new adults.

Willa, having it all, suddenly finds herself dreams dissolving.  Her love for the Earl of Roydon is everlasting and encompasses her whole heart.  Her injury changing her life drastically, would also change his. She wants to let him live his life whole, not married to a woman who is unable to do the very things they enjoy together.  And then the possibility of never walking again, could also make child-bearing and rearing difficult.  In her mind, the best thing she could give him is his freedom.  But is her love strong enough to let him go?  Would you be able to do the same thing?

John, Earl of Roydon, is a man I wasn’t sure about.  Did he really love Willa enough to continue his betrothal with her after the injury?  As society dictates, he could not break his proposal.  It could only be done by Willa.  He is very solicitous toward Willa, but there lurks in me the feeling he may be swayed by one of the many women Willa put forward for introduction at her parties.  He seems to enjoy himself with them. Willa thinks he suits Miss Marty, but she wants to give him a chance to make the right marriage.

When all these accidents start occurring, it becomes apparent Willa is being stalked and for the purpose of killing her.  But why and by whom?  I like this part of the story very much.  There is mystery, suspense, danger and ultimately fear of death. Willa shows the stuff she is made of, worthy of a man’s love.

Narrator Valerie Gilbert does not disappoint in her narration.  Her voice is clear, mellow, well-paced and depicts character emotions suitably.  Her flexibility of character dialog and accents is superbly done. Check out the many books she’s narrated, and different genre lower in the blog.  She’s quite flexible with all emotions, but I prefer her best when she is just plain snarky or sarcastic!

About the Author: Growing up on a ranch I had many experiences that most people do not have. I helped my father deliver many calves, and had to deliver one by myself. I rode horses, driving cattle, and occasionally chasing cantankerous bulls. For my novel, “Injured Sensibilities”, my main character has similar experiences. An independent woman who saved her brother’s farm from bankruptcy, Miss Marty sometimes dresses in trousers to do work on the farm. The Marquess of Knolton is shocked by this behavior when he meets her. However, he is attracted to her and cannot get her off his mind. Is compromise the key? My ideas for novels come from everywhere — things that I see in the news, people I meet, my own imagination. In fact, I have more plot ideas than I will ever be able to write. I love adding mystery or suspense to my books with a goal of making each manuscript a page turner. I grew up in central western Nebraska. Until I turned 13, my parents, sister, and I lived at Flats, a town we owned, population 4. In my early teens, we moved to my grandmother’s ranch in the western part of the state. After high school I went to college where I met the man of my dreams. Marvin has long been a musician and has worked in the field of Psychology. He is always willing to use his background to offer suggestions to my writing and work out the kinks in my plots. Together, we have an adult daughter who has a Master’s in History. This comes in very handy for me when writing historicals. After living in Nebraska, Texas, and New Mexico, we have lived in Colorado at the foot of the Rocky Mountains for 16 years. I have written three Regency romances: “The Blackmailed Beauty” published by Clean Reads, its sequel “To Release an Earl”, and “Injured Sensibilities”. I am a PAN member of Romance Writers of America, the Beau Monde, Kiss of Death, and Colorado Romance Writers. I hope you will visit my website at http://www.ilenewithers.com. There you will find links to my other social media pages and overviews of my books.

About the Narrator: Valerie Gilbert is a native New Yorker raised a Theosophist. Her dramatic flair has encompassed singing, tap dancing, competing in storytelling gigs, and writing and performing her own solo shows.  This led to the publication of RAVING VIOLET, the first of her three books, with a fourth, BRILLIANCE BREWING, releasing in 2017.  Valerie is an audio book narrator for her own three titles, and for many other authors.

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1875650/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1
Website:   http://valeriegilbert.weebly.com

Blog: http://ravingvioletvalerie.blogspot.com

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