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what an amazing direction this year is already showing. The speed in which our development collectively is moving by now, is simply mind blowing. After the Christmas Energies and the light body update from the Solar storms on New Years,we are now under the influence of the upcoming Capricorn New Moon energy field!! The frequencies are already wired towards changing our path profoundly, and while retrograde phases bring one or the other challenge to our door, will the harmonious energy flow of other planets bring the first blessings of the year. I hope you are ready to let your world go upside down and your higher-self to step up!!

Happy Moon Dancing and Divine Light!!

Shared with the kind permission of the wonderful Kelley Rosano:

The Capricorn New Moon on January 9 –10 is your fresh start for the New Year. The New Moon can empower you to be inspired. Be focused and determined to reach your goals. It has you centering on your Personal Path of Development. Where you are going in life. Where you are going in your work. Building a strong relationship to your Inner Being. This keeps you on track and in the flow with life. The mind can be fooled. Trust your instincts. Trust your intuition. If something is not true for you. Then it is not your truth. The Capricorn New Moon, you are going back in your life to move forward. Capricorn rules the tenth house. The tenth house shows your attitude about your career legacy. The tenth house is your destiny in the world. The tenth house is your fame and fortune. The tenth house in your natal chart will reveal what you hope to achieve in society. Personal accomplishments can refer to any endeavors that give you social recognition. How you use your power in the world is revealed through the tenth house. In the tenth house, you are judged not by your personality or appearance, but by your performance.However, worldly success is not everyone’s goal and/or life purpose. In fact, your tenth house has more to do with your spiritual evolution. Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn. He teaches you how to work within the boundaries of the physical world. Where you need to work within the limits of your time and energy. You want to be a wise steward of your resources. Often overlooked is how important Saturn is to your spiritual development. He is the great initiator. Wherever Saturn is in your natal birth chart is where you are being tested. This is how you develop Self-mastery. The greater your mastery. The more freedom you can enjoy. You are not moved by the negative news. You are empowered.

Saturn is coupled with Venus at the time of the New Moon. What do you love and value? What is important to you? What does your heart desire? Saturn is saying be wise in your choices. He is in positive energy flow with Uranus. This energy can empower to make changes in your life in a calm creative way. This is good news. It is the way out. Pluto is coupled with both lights (the Sun and the Moon.) How are you using your power? Uranus is challenging the New Moon. What do you need to innovate? What is transforming in your life? Where do you need more freedom? Wherever Capricorn lands in your natal birth chart. This is where you are getting a new start. New beginnings that may require you to change how you are doing things. Changing how you think. Changing how you feel. You are giving birth to the new you. Let go of what no longer serves you. Move to higher ground. Like the mountain Goat.

Pay attention to important insights you are getting on January 5 and January 7. And, at the time of the New Moon. The universe will reveal to you what you need to know. You will need to be listening. Make quiet time for yourself. Go out into nature. Listen. God will be very talkative with you in January. You will be shown where you need to go. You have to be listening to hear the truth. Meditate. This will empower you.Mercury and Jupiter are retrograde at the Capricorn New Moon. Finish your unfinished business. Eliminate what is in the way of your success.
What is working for you?
What needs to change?
Where are you ready to make a fresh start?
What do you want to see happen this year?
What is holding you back?
What would you be doing if you were ten times bolder?

Jupiter is in positive energy flow with the New Moon. This is good news. It is a wonderful uplifting energy. It can empower you to stay on your course and not to get distracted. Jupiter is the way out from the intensity of the New Moon. Wherever Virgo lands in your natal birth chart is where you are being blessed. You are being given abundance. Jupiter is coupled with the North Node in Virgo at the New Moon. There is a message for you. Listen for the signs. There is much happening for you behind the scenes. All will be revealed to you in due time. The Sun will couple with Mercury on January 14. You could get an important insight on this day. Listen.

Mercury will couple with Pluto on Jan 20 and 29. Intense and penetrating communication. Worry is focusing on what you do not want. Wherever your mind goes energy follows. Mental obsession. Focus on what you want, not on what you do not. Be the detective. Find the underlying cause of things.
What is the truth?
What is true for you?
Where does courage dwell in you?

Uranus on Jan 20 and 31 challenges Mercury. There could be flashes of Genius. Watch out for rash and impulsive judgments. Do you need to evolve your beliefs? Where does your thinking need to change? Do you need to be skeptical? Be open to new ideas. Be open to new ways of working and living. You can have dazzling insights. You could find new solutions to old problems. It is breakthrough time.Capricorn New Moon you are going back in your life to move forward. Something from your past may be very prominent in your life now. Make friends with change. Change is your friend. Release what is not working. Let go of what is not serving you. People from your past may come back. Something you have done in the past may be offered to you. A project or new job related to some past effort could be presented to you. Is there something from your past you need to go back and use now? This is a New Moon with two retrogrades. Do not be surprised if you are going back in your life to move forward. Something from your past may be very prominent in your life now. Someone from your past could play an important role in your life now. Be focused in your intentions. And go with the flow. Be flexible. Be adaptable. Be open to new friendships. Be open to new love. Relationships are important. They can make your life better. It is the good life. This is your Best Life. Be blessed. Be well. Stay safe. You are loved. All Are One. Happy New Year!

“Even a chosen change takes time to get used to. Feel the depth of “right” in your heart.

Let it support you through the change until peace follows.”

– Ivo/Lisa Dorr

Magical Blessings,  KelleyRosano.com

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