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    As part of the LDN 2017 Conference we are proud to offer the recorded presentation as outlined below. Cancer: Using the Latest Ideas in Immunotherapy to Improve Outcomes, Survival, and Quality of Life 30m  Paul Anderson, NMD Cancer is a pervasive...

  • By Dr. Mercola Your right to vaccine exemptions is under attack in many states, from Texas to California, with lawmakers increasingly pushing for mandatory vaccination in the name of public health. The issue came to a head in 2015, when a measles outbreak...

  • Excellent report & information.  I have also heard that some of these doctors have been prescribing medical marijuana. Please help to protect...

  • This article was abstracted from Dr. Humphries' excellent book Dissolving Illusions, with contributions from Dr. Mercola, Barbara Loe Fisher and Sayer Ji. If you have a sincere interest in this topic I would strongly encourage you to purchase a copy...

  • The field of rheumatology can be a little confusing, because it covers a variety of problems that don’t seem to be related at first glance. Arthritis, autoimmune diseases, lupus, and chronic pain disorders sound almost like a grab bag of disorders and...

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SOCRATES is an international, refereed (peer-reviewed) and indexed scholarly hybrid open-access journal in Public Administration a...

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