So it looks like the convention doll is a big hit. Normally just minute after people get a doll you can find them on Ebay. But until now no dolls for sale. So everybody loves her to much!!!! And I think that is great.

There were also 2 other dolls last night that I want to show you. First all the tables had a centerpiece. Their own Rosa Lusa !!!

And there was a special helper doll made by the convention. Here she is showed by Monica Nu├▒ez del Castilla from the Madrid Fashion Doll Show Convention.

Many pictures of the gala evening you can find on the facebook page from the Potruguese Doll Collector Cub.

This morning they had a salesroom.

And there I spotted the Mattel Donation for the Charity Ebay auction that will start next week. Its the prototype Soda Shop Barbie doll by Bill Greening.

And some of my favorite Ooak artists were there


I loved their vision on the new articulated Silkstone.

Artist Creations

And Cotho

Thank you Marta Botelho & Marcelo Jacob for the pictures.


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