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  • The government plans to introduce new measures to ensure the successful uptake of drones is matched by strong safeguards to protect the public. Measures out for consultation today (21 December 2016) include: mandatory registration of new drones tougher...

  • Drone Licence Training
    via airportsinformationblog

    The importance of correct drone operation is critical, especially at a time when many misused drones are encroaching into British airspace and interfering in aircraft – potentially putting thousands of lives at risk. Last year alone, 13 reported cases...

  • From Ian: DePaul: Fundraiser for Terrorist Welcome, Ben Shapiro Not Welcome The Young Americans for Freedom chapter at DePaul University invited Christina Hoff Sommers and Ben Shapiro to speak on campus. At some point, the administration decided not...

  • It’s time for drone owners everywhere to brush up on the facts. The UK’s drone code has been updated, which means a whole new set of regulations have come into force in the UK to help drone-users fly the gadgets safely. The changes came as the Civil...

  • Civil drones in the EU
    via epthinktank

    Written by Alessandra Di Tella and Roy Hirsh ©Stéphane Masclaux / Fotolia The civilian use of Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS), often referred as small drones, is expanding rapidly and significantly. They can offer various advantages , not only...

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Civil Aviation Authority

The UK's specialist aviation regulator

Dronesafe.uk popular pages

  • Contact | Dronesafe

    Contact Anyone using a drone has to follow the dronecode to ensure that members of the public are protected. If you have a drone with a camera its use has the potential to be covered by the Data Prote...

  • Training | Dronesafe

    Training If you’re not planning to get paid for your drone flying then there is no legal requirement for any training but you absolutely must comply with the dronecode and other rules and regulations ...

  • Home Archives | Dronesafe

    We’re stoked you want to try Foundation! To get going, this file (index.php) includes some basic styles you can modify, play around with, or totally destroy to get going. Once you've exhausted the fu...

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