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  • In Cross Domain AJAX jQuery tutorial, I have covered how to send Cross domain AJAX requests without CORS using jQuery XDomain Library. XDomain is a Pure CORS (Cross Origin Resource Sharing) javascript library, So you need to enable CORS on your server...

  • In this tutorial you’re going to create a realtime Pokedex app with React and RethinkDB. The app will allow users to look for a Pokemon by typing on a search field. If a Pokemon is not found, it will ask if they want to add it. If the user chooses yes...

  • Introduce wd719x, a driver for Western Digital WD7193, WD7197 and WD7296 PCI SCSI controllers based on WD33C296A chip. Tested with WD7193 card. Signed-off-by: Ondrej Zary <linux@rainbow-software.org> --- drivers/scsi/Kconfig | 8 + drivers...

  • FiraDisk File/RAM Disk driver for Windows. From discussion in Shao's topic GRUB4DOS RAM Disk Recognized by RAMDISK.SYS, I try making a Windows driver to read GRUB4DOS' drive map table and use GRUB4DOS RAM drives in Windows. This driver is the result...

  • PBI Manager/9.2/fr
    via wiki.pcbsd

    Created page with "PBI Manager" New page <noinclude> {{UseTOC{{putVers}}|Nav}}</noinclude> PBI Manager is a suite of command line utilities which can be used to install, remove, create and manage PBIs. The PBI format provides the following...

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