Nobody likes to talk about it – but sales can be a stressful job. The constant pressure to perform and hit quota can be intense. When those vacation days DO come up, there’s no question – you’ve earned them and you need to take advantage of them in order to recharge.

Of course, everyone would love to take a two week trip to Tahiti, but that’s not always an option. So how do you make the most of a long weekend when the quarter is halfway over and you want some precious you time? Ideally, you get out of town for awhile for a quick trip! We’ve put together some quick weekend getaways near major sales hubs to maximize your R&R time without traveling too far from home.

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In NYC? Head to The Hamptons

The Hamptons offer something for every stressed-out salesperson; a chance to rub shoulders with the elite (which can never hurt sales prospects), poolside tanning and an opportunity to brush up on your golf game.

The Hamptons are easily accessible by train or Jitney bus from downtown NYC – but if your quarter’s going especially well and you feel like splurging, book yourself a private helicopter (starting at $675 one way using Blade, the “Uber for Helicopters” app ).

Stay here:  A Contemporary Waterfront Southampton Estate with Private Beach/Lush Green Lawns

Sun… sand… your own private beach? Yeah, you’ve definitely earned this one.

Use VRBO to book your own beautiful private residence right on the beach –  perfect for that clambake, kayak trip or afternoon nap. Previous renters rave about the balcony view of the sunset and the private pool. If you can’t find a way to unwind here, you can’t unwind anywhere.

Eat here: Nick and Toni’s

When it comes to dining in the Hamptons, the local scene does not disappoint. Nick and Toni’s is an upscale Italian restaurant offering fresh and flavorful seafood dishes. Besides being frequented by the Clintons and Kardashians, this classy restaurant lives up to the hype because the food is that good.

Alternative idea: If you’ve been out for one too many business lunches recently, you can always choose to stay in, and have the world class dining come to you. Needachef.com makes it easy to find a chef specializing in whatever cuisine you’re craving, and you pay the chef directly at your house. Treat yourself (and anyone you’re traveling with) to a personal chef for dinner one night and take the opportunity to enjoy that beach view for a little longer without having to fight for a table.

Drink here: The Stephen Talkhouse

Grab a drink with your SO and enjoy the live music on Saturday nights. This establishment has hosted acts such as The Who and the Rolling Stones, so we definitely recommend peeking in for at least one glass.

Okay, maybe two.

Do this: Learn to sail

Spend an exhilarating day at the helm of a Catalina 22 sailboat. Several operators offer Learn to Sail outings, where you’ll soak up everything you need to know to take on the open seas. Because hey – a few more quarters like that last one, and you may be able to afford your very own boat sooner than you think.

In LA? Spend a weekend in Malibu

A twenty-one mile strip of paradise on the beach, what more could you ask for?

Celebrities have made Malibu famous as the place to go for relaxing vacations, and what have they ever got wrong? The peace and calm combined with the beautiful ocean views will dial your stress levels back to zero, which is mighty helpful for kicking off a new quarter the right way.

Stay here:  Malibu Beach Inn

At the Malibu Beach Inn, you’re in for beautiful beach views and some serious spa centered R&R. Located on Billionaire’s Beach, this inn will melt any residual tension from last quarter away with their luxurious spa treatments.

If you’re more excited by the outdoors, head out on one of the many hiking trails that start nearby – just, do yourself a favor and keep that phone turned off while you’re exploring the wilderness.

Eat here: Nobu Malibu

Famous for their blackened cod and stunning coastal setting, Nobu is a must visit in Malibu. Named after their head chef Nobu Matsuhisu, who often declares “Food is life!” this restaurant will not disappoint sushi newcomers and enthusiasts alike.

Drink here: Duke’s Malibu Barefoot Bar

Kick off your sandals and grab a cocktail at this laid-back surfer’s oasis. Grab a shamelessly over-the-top drink (we recommend their Fire and Ice Margarita shaken with jalapeños for a little extra spice.) and relax knowing that the only thing in your pipeline this weekend is a whole lot more drinks with little umbrellas in them.

Do this: Pay Mother Nature a visit

Though you might feel like parking yourself on a driving range – or poolside – Malibu’s scenic beauty is not to be missed. Pack your hiking boots alongside your bathing suit. The great outdoors is calling! Download the EveryTrail mobile app for maps and ratings on the top hikes, lace up your boots and head out to get a little more familiar with the Malibu’s beautiful coastline.

In SF? – Drink some wine in Napa

Alright, so it’s a little cliché –  but there really is nothing better than a sunny weekend getaway to the vineyards. If you like, call it a “research trip” – being able to pick out a nice bottle of wine at a client dinner is important, after all.

Stay here:  This trendy and eco-friendly hotel in Healdsburg

It’s the perfect (albeit quirky) spot to find peace, quiet and a little inspiration. Plus, it’s right in the middle of wine country. You can’t go wrong.

Eat here: Plow & Angel at the San Ysidro Ranch

Home to some of the best cuisine in the US, Napa Valley pairs the food to the wine, instead of the other way around. And rightfully so – some of the world’s best wines are made here, and you’d be remiss not to whet your palate at least a few times over the weekend.

Plow & Angel provides a light and relaxed atmosphere and is serious about their food. Speaking from personal experience, I highly recommend the short ribs and starting with a blood orange margarita.

Drink here: Try a winery tour

There are 500+ wineries in the Napa valley region. You might not be able to try them all (and if you want to keep your job, it’s probably best you don’t try), but a personal wine tour is a great way to find some hidden gems. A few we love: Jarvis, Scrib, Frog’s Leap, and Saintsbury.

Sip on a chardonnay while the vineyard owner tells you what made the 2012 grapes superior to the 2014 batch – then insist on trying them both.

Do this: hot air balloon ride above the valley

It may require an early wake-up call, but there is nothing more breathtaking than floating over vineyards in Napa. Bring a camera, some champagne and a picnic of your choice and feel that stress float away.

In Seattle? – Escape to Canada

Vancouver is only a short drive away and is more than worth the border crossing. And with the favorable USD to CAD exchange rate, you’ll get more bang for your buck while you kick back and relax. It’s a win/win/win deal.

Stay here:  Fairmont Pacific Rim

The best of the best in Vancouver, you’ll be thoroughly spoiled at this Fairmont hotel. With three 5-star restaurants, a first class spa and stunning views of the Vancouver Harbour, you’ll be tempted to extend your long weekend by a few extra days.

Eat here: Chambar

Get more than you bargained for at Chambar, an intimate Belgian restaurant specializing in craft beers and moules frites (grab them Congalaise style!). If you’re looking for something a little different, they also have a rotating menu of interesting cocktails. Our current favorite? Fig-infused gin and blue cheese martini. Bottoms up!

Drink here: The Diamond

Beautifully laid out in the second story of an old brick building in Gastown, The Diamond cocktail club is difficult to find, but worth the search. The bartenders here are known to request your favorite flavors before whipping you up the perfect drink for your taste.

Do this: Theatre Under The Stars

Take in an evening theatre show in Stanley Park – Vancouver’s urban park. It’s a non-profit company that hosts productions every night throughout the summer. This is your chance to sit back and let someone else do the presenting.

In Austin? – Have an Experiential Weekend

If you’re looking for something a little different (Austin does like to keep it weird, after all), this weekend experience will be just the ticket.

Stay here:  Travaasa Austin

Adventure wrapped up with relaxation, this luxury resort has it all: amazing food, stunning scenery and guided activities that give you a weekend experience far outside the norm.

Eat here: The Preserve Kitchen and Bar at Travaasa

Dining at this world-class restaurant is included in your weekend getaway, so don’t hold back.

Head Chef Benjamin Baker is obsessed with two things: nourishing, organic meals and fostering a vibrant community around food. Be prepared for an exceptional meal.

Drink here: Travaasa’s private wine cellar

Travaasa maintains a private cellar of exquisite, guest-only wines. Indulge with a bottle of 2006 Dal Forno Romano, or stick to the resort’s “Taste of Texas” list to try some local flavors.

Do this: Adventure!

Featuring The Prickly Pear challenge course, a bike pump track, archery and a hatchet throwing course, Travaasa Austin is not short of activities.

Between horseback riding, hiking and learning the harmonica, work will be the last thing on your mind.

In Miami? – Take it to the Caribbean

Sun, water and no stress. Jump a plane to Turks and Caicos for your long weekend. It’s close enough to make it worth the journey, even for just a short stress-busting trip.

Stay here:  Amanyara Resort

If lounging in an overwater bungalow sounds good right about now, Amanyara is where you’ll want to land.

Most praised for their exceptional service, the resort staff will make you want for nothing. Hey – you’ve spent the last three months working accounts and closing deals non-stop. You’ve been bending over backwards to hit and exceed quota.  You deserve this.

Eat here: Coco Bistro

Easily the top rated restaurant on the island, Coco Bistro offers local, fresh food. The servers aren’t rushed, and neither are you – this is a place to slow down and catch your breath. Dine under the stars and contemplate all the great life choices you made that caused you to end up here.

Drink here: On the Beach

Amanyara will deliver your favorite beachy cocktail straight to your lounger so that you can continue to enjoy the sunset. It doesn’t get better than this!

Do this: Sea Turtle Tagging

Each year, thousands of sea turtles are born on the coast of Turks and Caicos. These newborns are tagged with a little tracking device on their fins so that biologists can observe their migration patterns and numbers over the year.  The Amanyara Resort works with a local provider to give guests the experience of a lifetime – being involved in the conservation efforts of sea turtles.

In Boston? – Ferry out to Martha’s Vineyard

Take a short ferry out to Martha’s Vineyard, only a quick ride from Cape Cod, for a taste of country-club life. It’s got wine, it’s got beaches and it definitely has relaxation written all over it.

Stay here:  Menemsha Inn and Cottages

Rent your own private cottage on the most beautiful stretch of the beach. Menemsha Inn offers it’s own secluded beaches for sunbathing or surfing, or if you’re feeling like you really need to let loose – you can do it all on the legendary bathing suit-optional stretch of Lucy Vincent Beach.

Eat here: Backdoor Donuts

With all the amazing restaurants on the island, you might be surprised to learn that we’re suggesting you wait in line (possibly up to 30 minutes) for an apple fritter. Trust us – it’s worth it. The fresh batch is only available from the back door of MV Bakery between 7:30 pm and 12:58 am.

Drink here: The Seafood Shanty

The Seafood Shanty restaurant turns up the volume and becomes a bar around 10pm on the weekend, when the DJ starts their first set. It’s high time you shook off all long nights in the office, so don’t shy away from the dancefloor.

Do this: Arts and Culture

The official tourism website for Martha’s Vineyard proudly boasts of their arts and culture scene. Take in one of the highlights such as the March Cribbage Tournament, Sheepapalooza in April or the Cheese and Charcuterie weekend in May.

In Chicago? – Drive out to Door County Wisconsin

Return to a simpler time in Door County, Wisconsin. Only a short drive away from Chicago, you’ll love the lack of cell phone service after having your phone glued to your ear all last quarter.

Stay here:  Door County Cottages

Cozy up next to the fire in your own remote cottage. Being tucked away in the woods, a cottage escape from reality always seems particularly refreshing. Something about that campfire smell just releases stress.

Eat here: Your own backyard

Every cabin includes it’s own barbecue and fire pit onsite. On your drive down, pick up two thick steaks, some potatoes and corn on the cob. Kick back with a cold one and enjoy cooking your own delicious meal. There’s nothing more satisfying.

Drink here: Door County Brewing Company

Stop by the local brewery to pick up a great selection of local, fresh craft beers. They’ve got a wide selection, so plan on staying for a couple tastings before you commit to taking any home. Most nights they have live music or trivia quizzes on, so check out their website

Do this: Absolutely nothing

Fill your days with books, naps and a short swim in the lake. Let’s face it – sometimes you really do need to disconnect from the constant rush of the sales floor and recharge. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and get in some R&R before you have to head back.

Your well earned vacation

Wherever you spend your vacation, we hope you are able to turn off the phone, take some well deserved you-time and come back ready to kill it again. We’d love to hear about your favorite places to unwind. Share your happy place in the comments below or any recommendations that we missed!

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