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  • Nickelodeon today announced the nominees for the "2017 Kids’ Choice Awards", the only event where kids’ votes count and the biggest stars of the day line up to get slimed. NICKELODEON ANNOUNCES "2017 KIDS’ CHOICE AWARDS" NOMINATIONS "BATMAN V SUPERMAN...

  • Lollapalooza is officially two-thirds over. Do you know where your children are? Statistically speaking, they’re likely rocking some ’90s-style acid-washed cutoffs with a homemade crop top to match. Fashions repeat themselves and so do lineups...

  • Star Trek Beyond review: Justin Lin takes the reigns for the latest instalment in the Star Trek series. Does it boldly go or crash land? Star Trek Beyond review by Paul Heath, July 2016. Star Trek Beyond. J.J. Abrams has jumped ship to navigate another...

  • Last Updated: January 17th There are plenty of good TV series on Netflix Instant (and you can find more with these secret codes). If you’re trying to figure out what to watch next, here’s a great place to start with a look at 50 of the best shows on...

  • It is almost a truism to point out the number of British actors doing well in Hollywood. Long gone are the days when an upper-class English accent consigned an actor to playing the villain, and a younger generation of British actors such as Benedict...

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Ditl.org popular pages

  • Daystrom Institute Technical Library

    DITL is a giant database of all aspects of Star Trek. Featuring Ships; Stations; Fleets; Ship lineage; Weaponry; Size charts; Species; Battles; People; Timeline; Sci-Tech; Galleries; Temporal; Article...

  • Federation Fleet Numbers

    Federation Fleet Numbers Starfleet's approach to Starship design is significantly different than that of most Alpha Quadrant powers. The Klingons tend to regard a ship as a method of carrying heavy ...

  • Fleet Strength Calculator

    Fleet Strength Calculator Select the number of ships of each type you are going to have in your fleet and the form will calculate the strength of each ship, a total for each race and for the whole fle...

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