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  • Before and after Varun had been of normal weight as a young man, but things changed when he started working and stopped being physically active, while still eating carb-rich foods. The weight piled on, regardless of several attempts to keep it off....

  • The Atkins Induction phase is the most difficult phase of the diet. It severely cuts your daily carbohydrate level to 20 net carbs, forces the body to use its glycogen stores for fuel, and eliminates most of the foods you're used to eating. The degree...

  • Meat and Eggs #1
    via lowcarbsite

    One way to get deep into ketosis is to only eat meat and eggs for a time. Some only eat this way. Be sure to read comments as well. Eat meat. Not too little. Mostly fat. Draft v1.0.0.a, 2013-1...

  • By Guy Lawrence Unless you’ve had your head under a rock recently, you probably know that Saturated Fat has been getting a lot of good press. If you want to learn why eating saturated fat is good for you, the best foods for exercise and...

  • Living the Pantry Lifestyle - the Low Carb Pantry
    via coffeeteabooksandme.blogspot

    I was asked about low carb foods for the pantry.  Since I only deepen the pantry with what I actually eat, I do have some suggestions that hopefully will help.   You will probably notice... as happens so often... many of the suggestions are what our...

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