This week, Microsoft has VR headsets on the way with HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus and Acer. Their strategy is focused on emerging tech, VR and mixed reality! Aside from Microsoft, artificial intelligence is writing its own encryption now, Facebook is getting into Snapchat-like AR filters and the Narrative Clip was rescued from its doom!

Microsoft tech scanning a sandcastle, one of their VR headsets and the man with the plan.

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Virtual Reality

Tips for building dynamic audio and visual worlds in virtual reality

John Scott Tynes talks about the creation of “The Impossible Travel Agency”, a beautiful VR app that dynamically changes in time with music. He shares some tips for people wanting to build dynamic worlds in virtual reality.

There are more virtual reality headsets than you realize!

I wrote a piece looking at the many VR headsets out there (and those coming soon!). I just hope we find a way to make all of these headsets compatible with each other!

HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus and Acer will all ship VR headsets for your PC starting at $299

The Windows 10 Creators Update announcement came with the announcement that many OEMs will all ship VR headsets for Windows. We’re going to have a LOT of VR headsets out there!

Microsoft’s headsets aim to lower the barrier of entry for mixed reality

Microsoft’s Alex Kipman says Microsoft will reveal more about its upcoming virtual reality headsets at two events in December.

Oculus sensors can now be purchased individually online for $79

Buying more means you’ll enable room-scale experiences on the Rift, assuming VR apps add in support for it soon.

Cardboard apps can tap into enhanced VR performance on Daydream phones

If you build a VR app for Cardboard, this is important to know and take advantage of!

The staggering successes and abysmal failures of VR’s long, weird history

Polygon had a fantastic look at the innovators who’ve helped bring virtual reality into existence since the 1950s to now. So many great and talented people!

Augmented and Mixed Reality

Microsoft unveils Windows 10 Creators Update, coming in ‘early 2017’

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Creators Update coming in early 2017 features 3D and mixed reality features! They’re even bringing Paint into 3D!

Microsoft goes all in on VR

Mark Pesce, talking about Microsoft’s new VR headset announcements paired with their HoloLens development. He believes “as of today, the largest software company in the world has gone all in on mixed reality”.

Microsoft CEO envisions a whole new reality

Satya Nadella spoke about how he sees augmented reality and artificial intelligence in the coming years, and how Microsoft is working to be at the center of it all.

Facebook launches augmented reality selfie “masks” for live video

It’s basically Snapchat filters… But for Facebook Messenger.


Narrative lifelogging gets a stay of execution as the company considers restarting production

Narrative’s wearable lifelogging camera isn’t dead after all as one group of former employees saves the day — just in time! Yay!

Meet Vue, the smart glasses designed for everyday use

They are focused on delivering info via audio and are doing really well on Kickstarter. It might be a sign of a successful upcoming wearable we’ll be hearing more about!

Using wearables and machine learning to help with speech disorders

This is fascinating! Combining wearables with machine learning is helping treat people with speech disorders.

This smart bra wants to help prevent heart disease in women

It looks like wearables are finding more and more use in the potentially life-saving use cases. That’s a great thing!

Kardia Band for Apple Watch brings medical grade heart rate monitoring

This could also bring another way to detect heart issues, for those who aren’t quite as interested in smart bras.

Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics

Comma.ai cancels the Comma One following NHTSA letter

Sorry all… George Hotz has cancelled his Comma One self driving car add-on. He’ll be moving onto other things with less bureaucracy and legal hurdles.

Google’s AI creates its own inhuman encryption

This is actually pretty fascinating.

As artificial intelligence evolves, so does its criminal potential

The Australian Financial Review looks at where artificial intelligence could go wrong, in a completely different way to that which many think about.

MIT’s nightmare machine shows how artificial intelligence could be used to manipulate us

Follows along nicely (and slightly creepily) from the last link.

IBM’s Watson is the newest hip songwriter

I assume this is not another of AI’s manipulations… to win our hearts with music?

Rippa robot takes farms forward to the future

Sydney University is trialling its own robotic tech for farming. Very neat!

Internet of Things

Can we secure the internet of things in time to prevent another cyber-attack?

The Guardian looks at whether we can clean up the IoT and the botnet that has been causing all those issues.

The fascinating and frightening future of the Internet of Things

A good piece on The Daily Dot about the how the next stages in the tech could potentially open new security concerns, if not done properly. Let’s do it properly! Oh how I hope we do it properly… (thanks to Antony for this one!)

The Internet of Things? It’s not that connected yet

The IoT still has a way to go, here are some of the hurdles still to be overcome.

Echo Dot Sound Enhancer – Wall Mount/Holder

This is a pretty neat multi use Mount/Stand for the Amazon Dot 2.

Raspberry Pi night vision camera hack

Here’s how to hack a Raspberry Pi case to include IR LEDs and the NoIR Camera module for a home night vision CCTV setup.


Campfire is a unique way to use LIFX smart lights during bedtime storytelling (thanks to Craig for this link!)

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