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  • It just got a whole lot easier to add complex AI and deep learning abilities to intelligent machines. All it takes is NVIDIA JetPack 2.3, available for free download today. Our latest software suite of developer tools and libraries for the Jetson TX...

  • I like to watch long-term technology and business trends and watch as they shape the products and services that I get to use and to write about. As I was preparing to write today’s post, three such trends came to mind: Moore’s Law – Coined in 1965,...

  • New Releases of DIGITS, cuDNN to Deliver 2x Faster Neural Network Training; cuDNN to Enable More Sophisticated Models SINGAPORE — July 8, 2015 — NVIDIA today announced updates to its GPU-accelerated deep learning software that will double deep learning...

  • Photo by Michal When I was at Apple, I spent five years trying to get source-code access to the Nvidia and ATI graphics drivers. My job was to accelerate image-processing operations using GPUs to do the heavy lifting, and a lot of my time went into...

  • Pascal will feature 4X the mixed precision performance, 2X  the performance per watt, 2.7X memory capacity & 3X the bandwidth of Maxwell.  Nvidia’s CEO went on to state that all in all Pascal is Maxwell times ten. All of this has just been revealed...

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