Destrehan Plantation. The oldest documented antebellum plantation home in the lower Mississippi Valley and the closest to New Orleans. Learn about the 1811...

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  • Destrehan Plantation
    via forgetfulone.blogspot

    Last weekend, my husband and I took a short trip to Louisiana.  On the way home, I asked him to stop at a plantation.  I have always wanted to visit one.  I love history, and I love taking photos, and there was one on the way home.  I found it to be...

  • “Ocian in view! Oh! The Joy!,” William Clark wrote in his journal on November 7, 1805 as he viewed what he believed was the Pacific Ocean, as the Corps of Discovery reached the broad estuary of the Columbia River, 20 miles from the coast. Clark’s exhilaration...

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  • Destrehan Plantation

    An antebellum mansion, 25 miles from New Orleans,. in the French Colonial style, modified with Greek Revival architectural elements.

  • 1811 Slave Revolt | Destrehan Plantation

    Destrehan Plantation was part of a massive uprising that swept through New Orleans. Learn more at our newly renovated visitor exhibit.

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