Below is a listing of nicknames and codewords related to US Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) and Communications Security (COMSEC). Most of them are from the NSA, some are from other government or military agencies. Some of them also have an abbreviation which is shown in brackets.

NICKNAMES are generally unclassified. NSA uses single word nicknames, outside NSA they usually consist of two separate words, with the first word selected from alphabetical blocks that are assigned to different agencies by the Joint Staff. Usually, nicknames are printed using all capital letters.

CODEWORDS are always classified and always consist of a single word. Active codewords, or their three-letter abbreviations, which identify a classification compartment always need to be shown in the classification or banner line. Normally, codewords are printed using all capital letters.

Due to very strict secrecy, it’s not always clear whether we see a nickname or a codeword, but terms mentioned in public sources like job descriptions are of course unclassified nicknames.

Please keep in mind that a listing like this will always be work in progress (this list has been copied on some other websites and forums, but only this one is being updated frequently!).

See also the lists of Abbreviations and Acronyms and GCHQ Nicknames and Codewords


ACIDWASH – Covert access point for a mobile phone network in Afghanistan

ACORN – Retired SIGINT product codeword

ACCORDIAN – Type 1 Cryptographic algorithm used in a number of crypto products

AETHER – ONI tool “to correlate seemingly disparate entities and relationships, to identify networks of interest, and to detect patterns”

AGILITY – NSA internet information tool or database

AGILEVIEW – NSA internet information tool or database

AIRGAP – Database which deals with priority DoD missions

AIRHANDLER – NSA-G operations center for producing intelligence from Afghanistan

AIRSTEED – Cell phone tracking program of the Global Access Operations (GAO)


ALAMITO – The mission of Mexico at the United Nations in New York

ALPHA – Retired SIGINT Exchange Designator for Great Britain

ALTEREGO – A type of Question-Focused Dataset based on E.164

AMBERJACK – SIGINT/EW collection and exploitation system

AMBLE – Retired SIGINT product codeword

AMBULANT (AMB) – SI-ECI compartment related to the BULLRUN program

ANCHORY - NSA software system which provides web access to textual intelligence documents

ANGRYNEIGHBOR – Family of radar retro-reflector tools used by NSA’s TAO division

APALATCHEE – The EU mission in New York

APERIODIC – SI-ECI compartment related to the BULLRUN program

APEX – IP packet reconstruction tool(?)

APPLE1 – Upstream collection site

APSTARS – NSA tool that provides “semantic integration of data from multiple sources in support of intelligence processing”

ARKSTREAM – Implant used to reflash BIOS, installed by remote access or intercepted shipping

ARTIFICE – SSO corporate partner (foreign?)

AUTOSOURCE – NSA tool or database

AQUACADE - A class of SIGINT spy satellites (formerly RHYOLITE)

AQUADOR – Merchant ship tracking tool

ARCA – SIGINT Exchange Designator for ?

ARGON – Satellite mapping program

ARTIFICE – SSO corporate partner under the STORMBREW program

ASPHALT – Project to increase the volume of satellite intercepts at Menwith Hill Station

ASPHALT-PLUS – See above

ASSOCIATION – NSA analytical tool or database

ATALANTA – EU anti-piracy operation

ATLAS – CSEC database

AUNTIE – SI-ECI compartment related to the BULLRUN program

AUTO ASSOCIATION – Second party database



BANANAGLEE – Software implant that allows remote Jetplow firmware installation

BANISTER – The Columbian trade bureau in New York

BANYAN – NSA tactical geospatial correlation database

BASECOAT – Program targeting the mobile phone network on the Bahamas

BASTE – Retired SIGINT product codeword

- Type 1 Block cipher algorithm, used with many crypto products

BEACHHEAD – Computer exploit delivered by the FERRETCANON system



BELLVIEW – SIGINT reporting tool

- List of personnel cleared for access to highly sensitive information or operations

BINOCULAR – Former NSA intelligence dissemination tool

BIRCHWOOD – Upstream collection site

BLACKBOOK - ODNI tool for large-scale semantic data analysis

BLACKFOOT – The French mission at the United Nations in New York

BLACKHEART – Collection through FBI implants

BLACKMAGIC – NSA database or tool

BLACKPEARL – NSA database of survey/case notations(?)

BLACKWATCH – NSA reporting tool

- Program for intercepting phone and internet traffic at switches in the US (since 1978)

BLINDDATE – Hacking tools for WLAN collection, plus GPS

BLUEANCHOR – Partner providing a network access point for the YACHTSHOP program

BLUEFISH (BLFH) – Compartment of the KLONDIKE control system


BOOTY – Retired SIGINT product codeword

- DNI and DNR metadata visualization tool

BOURBON – Joint NSA and GCHQ program for breaking Soviet encryption codes (1946-?)


BROKENTIGO – Tool for computer network operations

BROADSIDE – Covert listening post in the US embassy in Moscow


BRUNEAU – Operation against the Italian embassy in Washington DC using LIFESAVER techniques

BRUTUS – Tool or program related to MARINA

BUFFALOGREEN – The name ORANGECRUSH was known to Polish partners

BULLDOZER – PCI bus hardware implant on intercepted shipping

- An NSA COI for decryption of network communications

BULLSEYE – NSG High-Frequency Direction-Finding (HF-DF) network (now called CROSSHAIR)

(BYE) – Retired SCI control system for overhead collection systems (1961-2005)

BYZANTINE – First word of nicknames for programs involving defense against Chinese cyber-warfare and US offensive cyber-warfare

BYZANTINE ANCHOR (BA) – A group of Chinese hackers which compromised multiple US government and defense contractor systems since 2003

BYZANTINE CANDOR (BC) – A group of Chinese hackers which compromised a US-based ISP and at least one US government agency

BYZANTINE FOOTHOLD (BF) – A group of Chinese hackers who attacked various international companies and internet services providers

BYZANTINE HADES (BH) – A concerted effort against Chinese hackers who attacked the Pentagon and military contractors. Probably renamed to the LEGION-series


CADENCE – NSA database with tasking dictionaries

CAJABLOSSOM – Automated system for analysing and profiling internet browsing histories

CALYPSO – Remote SATCOM collection facility

CANDYGRAM – Laptop mimicking GSM cell tower, sends out SMS whenever registered target enters its area, for tracking and ID of targets

- Class of COMINT spy satellites (1968-1977)

CANOE – Retired SIGINT product codeword

CANNON LIGHT – Counterintelligence database of the US Army

CAPRICORN – (former?) database for voice data

CAPTIVATEDAUDIENCE – Computer implant plug-in to take over a targeted computer’s microphone and record conversations taking place near the device

CARBOY – Second Party satellite intercept station at Bude, England

CARBOY II – Units of ECHELON which break down satellite links into telephone and telegraph channels

CARILLON – NSA high performance computing center, since 1976 made up of IBM 360s and later four IBM 3033s

CASport – NSA user authorization service

- Computer system capable of automatically analyzing the massive quantities of data gathered across the entire intelligence community

CENTER ICE – Data center for the exchange of intelligence regarding Afghanistan among the members of the 14-Eyes/SSEUR

CENTERMASS – NSA tool or database

CERF CALL MOSES1 – Contact Event Record Format – for certain telephony metadata

CHALKFUN – Analytic tool, used to search the FASCIA database

CHASEFALCON – Major program of the Global Access Operations (GAO)

CHEER – Retired SIGINT product codeword

CHESS – Compartment of TALENT KEYHOLE for the U-2 spy plane

CHEWSTICK – NSA tool or database

CHIMNEYPOOL – Framework or specification of GENIE-compliance for hardware/software implants

CHIPPEWA – Some communications network, involving Israel

CHUTE – Retired SIGINT product codeword

CIMBRI – Probably a metadata database

CINEPLEX – NSA tool or database

CLASSIC BULLSEYE – Worldwide ocean SIGINT surveillance system (1960′s-?)

CLEVERDEVICE – Upstream collection site

CLOUD – NSA database

COASTLINE – NSA tool or database


COBRA FOCUS – NSA-G operations center for producing intelligence from Iraq

COGNOS – NSA tool or database

CORDOBA – Type 2 Cryptographic algorithm used in a number of crypto chips

COMBAT SENT – Reconaissance operation

COMMONDEER – Computer exploit for looking whether a computer has security software

COMMONVIEW – NSA database or tool

CONFIRM – NSA database for personell access

CONJECTURE – Network compatible with HOWLERMONKEY

CONTRAOCTAVE – NSA telephony tasking database Used to determine ‘foreigness’

CONVEYANCE – Voice content ingest processor

COPILOT – System that automatically scans digital data for things like language, phone and creditcard numbers and attachments

COPSE – Retired SIGINT product codeword

CORALINE – NSA satellite intercept station at Sabena Seca at Puerto Rico (closed)

CORALREEF – Database for VPN crypto attack data

- A series of photographic surveillance satellites (1959-1972)

CO-TRAVELER – Set of tools for finding unknown associates of intelligence targets by tracking movements based upon cell phone locations

COTTONMOUTH (CM) – Computer implant devices used by NSA’s TAO division

COTTONMOUTH-I (CM-I) – USB hardware implant providing wireless bridge into target network and loading of exploit software onto target PCs, formerly DEWSWEEPER

COTTONMOUTH-II (CM-II) – USB hardware host tap provides covert link over USP into target’s network co-located with long haul relay; dual-stacked USB connector, consists of CM-I digital hardware plus long haul relay concealed in chassis; hub with switches is concealed in a dual stacked USB connector and hard-wired to provide intra-chassis link.

COTTONMOUTH-III (CM-III) – Radio Frequency link for commands to software implants and data infiltration/exfiltration, short range inter-chassis link within RJ45 Dual Stacked USB connector

COURIERSKILL – NSA Collection mission system

COWBOY – The DICTIONARY computer used at the Yakima station of ECHELON

CRANKSHAFT – Codename for Osama bin Laden

CREAM – Retired SIGINT product codeword

CREDIBLE – Transport of intelligence materials to partner agencies

CREST – Database that automatically translates foreign language intercepts in English

CRISSCROSS – Database of telecommunications selectors

CROSSBEAM – GSM module mating commercial Motorola cell with WagonBed controller board for collecting voice data content via GPRS (web), circuit-switched data, data over voice, and DTMF to secure facility, implanted cell tower switch

CROSSHAIR – NSG High-Frequency Direction-Finding (HF-DF) network (formerly BULLSEYE)

CROSSBONES – Analytic tool

CRUMPET – Covert network with printer, server and desktop nodes

CULTWEAVE – Smaller size SIGINT database

CYBERTRANS – A common interface to a number of underlying machine translation systems

CYCLONE Hx9 – Base station router, network in a box using Typhon interface


DAFF – Codeword for products of satellite imagery

DAMEON – Remote SATCOM collection facility

DANCINGOASIS (DGO) – SSO program collecting data from fiber optic cables between Europe and the Far East (since 2011)

DANDERSPRITZ – Software tool that spoofs IP and MAC addresses, intermediate redirector node

DANGERMOUSE – Tactical SIGINT collecting system for like cell phone calls

DARDANUS – Remote SATCOM collection facility

DAREDEVIL – Shooter/implant as part of the QUANTUM system

DARKTHUNDER – SSO Corporate/TAO Shaping program

DARKQUEST – Automated FORNSAT survey system

DAUNT – Retired SIGINT product codeword

DECKPIN – NSA crisis cell activated during emergencies

DEEPDIVE – An XKEYSCORE related method

DEITYBOUNCE – Provides implanted software persistence on Dell PowerEdge RAID servers via motherboard BIOS using Intel’s System Management Mode for periodic execution, installed via ArkStream to reflash the BIOS

DELTA – Former SCI control system for intercepts from Soviet military operations

DENIM – Retired SIGINT product codeword

DESPERADO – NSA software tool to prepare reports

DEWSWEEPER – Technique to tap USB hardware hosts

DIKTER – SIGINT Exchange Designator for Norway

DINAR – Retired compartment for intercepts from foreign embassies in Washington

DIONYSUS – Remote SATCOM collection facility

DIRESCALLOP – Method to circumvent commercial products that prevent malicious software from making changes to a computer system

DISCOROUTE – A tool for targeting passively collected telnet sessions

- NSA database for text messages (SMS)

DISTANTFOCUS – A pod for tactical SIGINT and precision geolocation (since 2005)

DIVERSITY – SIGINT Exchange Designator for ?

DOBIE – The South African consulate and mission at the UN in New York

DOCKETDICTATE – Something related to NSA’s TAO division

DOGCOLLAR – A type of Question-Focussed Dataset based on the Facebook display name cookie

DOGHUT – Upstream collection site

DOUBLEARROW – One of NSA’s voice processing databases?


DREADNOUGHT – NSA operation focused on Ayatollah Khamenei

- Passive collection of emanations (e.g. from printers or faxes) by using a radio frequency antenna

DROPOUTJEEP – STRAITBIZARRE-based software implant for iPhone, initially close access but later remotely

- System for processing data from mobile communication networks

DRUID – SIGINT Exchange Designator for third party countries

- A US military numeral cipher/authentication system

DRYTORTUGAS – Analytic tool

DYNAMO – SIGINT Exchange Designator for Denmark


EAGLE – Upstream collection site

- A SIGINT collection network run by Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States

ECHO – SIGINT Exchange Designator for Australia

ECRU (EU) – Compartment of the ENDSEAL control system

EDEN – Upstream collection site

EGOTISTICALGIRAFFE (EGGI) – NSA program for exploiting the TOR network

EGOTISTICALGOAT (EGGO) – NSA tool for exploiting the TOR network

EIDER – Retired SIGINT product codeword

EINSTEIN – Cell phone network intercepting equipment used by SCS units

- Intrusion detection system for US government network gateways (deployed in 2004)

EINSTEIN 2 - Second version of the EINSTEIN program for detecting malicious network activity

EINSTEIN 3 - Third version of the EINSTEIN program that will monitor government computer traffic on private sector sites too

ELEGANTCHAOS – Large scale FORNSAT data analysis system

EMBRACEFLINT – Tool for computer network operations

ENDSEAL (EL) – SCI control system

ENDUE – A COI for sensitive decrypts of the BULLRUN program

ENTOURAGE – Directional finder for line of bearing for GSM, UMTS, CDMA, FRS signals, works with NEBULA active interrogator within GALAXY program

EPICSHELTER – Sophisticated data backup system designed by Edward Snowden

ERRONEOUSINGENUITY (ERIN) – NSA tool for exploiting the TOR network

EVENINGEASEL – Program for surveillance of phone and text communications from Mexico’s cell phone network

EVILOLIVE – Iinternet geolocation tool

EVOLVED MUTANT BROTH – Second party database

EYESPY – System that scans data for logos of companies, political parties and other organizations, as well for pictures with faces for facial recognition


FACELIFT – Codeword related to NSA’s Special Source Operations division

- NSA corporate partner with access to international cables, routers, and switches (since 1985)

FAIRVIEWCOTS – System for processing telephony metadata collected under the FAIRVIEW program

FALLENORACLE – NSA tool or database

FALLOUT – DNI metadata ingest processor/database

- DNR metadata ingest processor/database

FASCINATOR - Series of Type 1 encryption modules for Motorola digital-capable voice radios

FASHIONCLEFT (FC) – Wrapper used to exfiltrate data of VPN and VoIP communications

FASTBAT – Telephony related database?

FASTFOLLOWER – Tool to identify foreign agents who might tail American case officers overseas by correlating cellphone signals

FASTSCOPE – NSA database

FEEDTROUGH – Software implant for unauthorized access to Juniper firewall models N5XT, NS25, NS50, NS200, NS500, ISG1000

FERRETCANON – Subsystem of the FOXACID system

FINKDIFFERENT (FIDI) – Tool used for exploiting TOR networks

FIRE ANT – Open Source visualisation tool

- NSA key generation scheme, used for exchanging EKMS public keys

FIRETRUCK – SIGINT tool or database

FIREWALK -Bidirectional network implant, passive gigabit ethernet traffic collector and active ethernet packet injector within RJ45 Dual Stacked USB connector, digital core used with HOWLERMONKEY, formerly RADON

- NSA program for securing commercial smartphones

FLARE – Retired SIGINT product codeword

FLATLIQUID – TAO operation against the office of the Mexican president

FLEMING – The embassy of Slovakia in Washington DC

FLINTLOCK – The DICTIONARY computer used at the Waihopai station of ECHELON

FLUXBABBITT – Hardware implant for Dell PowerEdge RAID servers using Xeon processors

FOGGYBOTTOM – Computer implant plug-in that records logs of internet browsing histories and collects login details and passwords used to access websites and email accounts

FOREMAN – Tactical SIGINT database? Used to determine ‘foreigness’

FOURSCORE – (former?) database for fax and internet data

FOXACID (FA?) – System of secret internet servers used to attack target computers

FOXSEARCH – Tool for monitoring a QUANTUM target which involves FOXACID servers

FOXTRAIL – NSA tool or database

FRIARTUCK – VPN Events tool or database (CSEC?)

FREEFLOW-compliant – Supported by TURBULENCE architecture

FREEZEPOST – Something related to NSA’s TAO division

FRONTO – Retired SIGINT Exchange Designator for ?

FROSTBURG - Connection Machine 5 (CM-5) supercomputer, used by NSA from 1991-1997

FROTH – Retired SIGINT product codeword

FRUGALSHOT – FOXACID servers for receiving callbacks from computers infected with NSA spying software


GALACTICHALO – Remote SATCOM collection facility

GALAXY – Find/fix/finish program of locating signal-emitting devices of targets

GAMMA (G) – Compartment for highly sensitive communication intercepts

GAMUT – NSA collection tasking tool or database

GARLIC – The NSA satellite intercept station at Bad Aibling (Germany)

GATEKEEPER – NSA user account management system

GAVEL – Retired SIGINT product codeword

GECKO II – System consisting of hardware implant MR RF or GSM, UNITEDRAKE software implant, IRONCHEF persistence back door

GEMINI – Remote SATCOM collection facility

GENESIS – Modified GSM handset for covert network surveys, recording of RF spectrum use, and handset geolocation based on software defined radio

GENIE – Overall close-access program, collection by Sigads US-3136 and US-3137

GHOSTMACHINE – NSA’s Special Source Operations cloud analytics platform

GINSU – Provides software persistence for the CNE implant KONGUR having PCI bus hardware implant BULLDOZER on MS desktop PCs

GILGAMESH – Predator-based NSA geolocation system used by JSOC

GISTQEUE (GQ) – NSA software or database

GJALLER – NSA tool or database

GLINT – Retired SIGINT product codeword

GLOBALBROKER – NSA tool or database


GODLIKELESION – Modernization program for NSA’s European Technical Center (ETC) in Wiesbaden in 2011

GODSURGE – Runs on FLUXBABBITT circuit board to provide software persistence by exploiting JTAG debugging interface of server processors, requires interdiction and removal of motherboard of JTAG scan chain reconnection

GOPHERSET – Software implant on GMS SIM phase 2+ Toolkit cards that exfiltrates contact list, SMS and call log from handset via SMS to user-defined phone; malware loaded using USB smartcard reader or over-the-air.

GOSSAMER – SIGINT/EW collection and exploitation system

GOTHAM – Processor for external monitor recreating target monitor from red video

GOURMETTROUGH – Configurable implant for Juniper NetScreen firewalls including SSG type, minimal beaconing

GOUT – Subcompartment of GAMMA for intercepts of South Vietnamese government communications

GOVPORT – US government user authentication service

GRAB – SIGINT satellite program

GREY FOX – The 2003 covername of the Mission Support Activity (MSA) of JSOC

GREYSTONE (GST) – CIA’s highly secret rendition and interrogation programs

GROK – Computer implant plug-in used to log keystrokes

GUMFISH – Computer implant plug-in to take over a computer’s webcam and snap photographs

GUPY – Subcompartment of GAMMA for intercepts from Soviet leadership car phones (1960′s-70′s)


HALLUXWATER – Software implant as boot ROM upgrade for Huawei Eudemon firewalls, finds patch points in inbound packet processing, used in O2, Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom

HAMMERCHANT – Implant for network routers to intercept and perform exploitation attacks against data sent through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and/or phone calls via Skype and other VoIP software

HAMMERMILL – Insertion Tool controls HEADWATER boot ROM backdoor

HAMMERSTEIN – Implant for network routers to intercept and perform exploitation attacks against data sent through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and/or phone calls via Skype and other VoIP software

HAPPYFOOT – Program that intercepts traffic generated by mobile apps that send a smartphone’s location to advertising networks

HARD ASSOCIATION – Second party database

- An IBM supercomputer used by NSA from 1962-1976

HAVE BLUE – Development program of the F-117A Stealth fighter-bomber

HAVE QUICK (HQ) – Frequency-hopping system protecting military UHF radio traffic

HEADWATER – Permanent backdoor in boot ROM for Huawei routers stable to firmware updates, installed over internet, capture and examination of all IP packets passing through host router, controlled by Hammermill Insertion Tool

HEMLOCK – Operation against the Italian embassy in Washington DC using HIGHLANDS techniques

HERCULES – CIA terrorism database

HERETIC – NSA tool or database

HEREYSTITCH – Collaboration program between NSA units T1222 and SSG

HERMOS – Joint venture between the German BND and another country with access for NSA (2012)

HERON – Retired SIGINT product codeword

HIGHCASTLE – Tactical database?

HIGHLANDS – Technique for collection from computer implants

HIGHTIDE – NSA tool or database

HOBGOBLIN – NSA tool or database

HOLLOWPOINT – Software defined radio platform

HOMEBASE – Database which allows analysts to coordinate tasking with DNI mission priorities

HOMEMAKER – Upstream collection site

HOMINGPIGEON – Program to intercept communications from airplane passengers


HOWLERMONKEY (HM) – Generic radio frequency (RF) transceiver tool used for various applications

HUFF – System like FOXACID?

HYSON – Retired SIGINT product codeword


ICEBERG – Major NSA backbone project

ICREACH – Tool that uses telephony metadata

IDITAROD (IDIT) – Compartment of the KLONDIKE control system

INCENSER – A joint NSA-GCHQ high-volume cable tapping operation, part of the WINDSTOP program

INDIA – SIGINT Exchange Designator for New Zealand (retired)

- Satellite intercept station near Khon Khaen, Thailand (1979-ca. 2000)

INTREPID SPEAR – The 2009 covername of the Mission Support Activity (MSA) of JSOC

- Series of ELINT and COMINT spy satellites (since 2009)

IRATEMONK – Hard drive firmware providing software persistence for desktops and laptops via Master Boot Record substitution, for Seagate Maxtor Samsung file systems FAR NRFS EXT3 UFS, payload is implant installer, shown at internet cafe

IRONAVENGER – NSA hacking operation against an ally and an adversary (2010)

IRONCHEF – Provides access persistence back door exploiting BIOS and SMM to communicate with a 2-way RF hardware implant

IRONSAND – Second Party satellite intercept station in New Zealand

ISHTAR – SIGINT Exchange Designator for Japan (retired)

ISLANDTRANSPORT – Internal messaging service, as part of the QUANTUM system

IVORY – Retired SIGINT product codeword

IVY BELLS - NSA, CIA and Navy operation to place wire taps on Soviet underwater communication cables


JACKKNIFE – The NSA satellite intercept station at Yakima (US)

JACKPOT – Internal NSA process improvement program (early 1990s – early 2000s)

JETPLOW – Persistent firmware back door for Cisco PIX and ASA firewall and routers, modifies OS at boot time


JOSEKI-1 – Classified Suite A algorithm

JOURNEYMAN – Major NSA backbone project

JUGGERNAUT – Ingest system for processing signals from (mobile?) phone networks

- Class of SIGINT reconnaissance satellites (1971-1983)

JUNIORMINT – Implant digital core, either mini printed circuit board or ultra-mini Flip Chip Module, contains ARM9 micro-controller, FPGA Flash SDRAM and DDR2 memories


KAMPUS – SIGINT Exchange Designator for ? (retired)

KANDIK (KAND) – Compartment of the KLONDIKE control system

KARMA POLICE – Second party database

KATEEL – The Brazilian embassy in Washington

KEA – Asymmetric-key Type 2 algorithm used in products like Fortezza, Fortezza Plus

KEELSON – Internet metadata processing system

KEYCARD – Database for VPN key exchange IP packet addresses

KEYRUT – SIGINT Exchange Designator for ? (retired)

KILTING – ELINT database

KIMBO – Retired SIGINT product codeword

KLIEGLIGHT (KL) – Tactical SIGINT reports

KLONDIKE (KDK) – Control system for sensitive geospatial intelligence

KLONDIKE – The embassy of Greece in Washington DC

KNIGHTHAWK – Probably a military SIGINT tool

- Method for summarizing very large textual data sets

KONGUR – Software implant restorable by GINSU after OS upgrade or reinstall

KRONE – Retired SIGINT product codeword


(LAC) – Retired NSA dissemination control marking

LADYLOVE – The NSA satellite intercept station at Misawa, Japan (since 1982)

LANYARD – Reconaissance satellite program

LARUM – Retired SIGINT product codeword

LEGION AMBER – Chinese hacking operation against a major US software company

LEGION JADE – A group of Chinese hackers

LEGION RUBY – A group of Chinese hackers

LEGION YANKEE – Chinese hacking operation against the Pentagon and defense contractors (2011)

LEMONWOOD – NSA satellite intercept station in Thailand

LEXHOUND – Tool for targeting social networking?

LIBERTY – First word of nicknames for collection and analysis programs used by JSOC and other sensitive DOD activities

LIBERTY BLUE – Modified RC-12 Guardrail surveillance airplane used by JSOC’s Mission Support Activity (MSA)

LIFESAVER – Technique which images the hard drive of computers

LIONSHARE – Internal NSA process improvement program (2003-2008)

LITHIUM – Facility to filter and gather data at a major (foreign?) telecommunications company under the BLARNEY program

LODESTONE – NSA’s CRAY-1 supercomputer

LOGGERHEAD – Device to collect contents of analog cell phone calls (made by Harris Corp.)

LOMA – SCI control system for Foreign Instrumentation and Signature Intelligence

LOPERS – Software application for Public Switched Telephone Networks or some kind of hardware

LOUDAUTO – An ANGRYNEIGHBOR radar retro-reflector, microphone captures room audio by pulse position modulation of square wave



MADCAPOCELOT – Sub-program of STORMBREW for collection of internet metadata about Russia and European terrorism

MAESTRO-II – Mini digital core implant, standard TAO implant architecture

MAGIC – Codeword for decrypted high-level diplomatic Nazi messages

- A keystroke logging software developed by the FBI

MAGNES – Remote SATCOM collection facility

MAGNETIC – Technique of sensor collection of magnetic emanations

- Series of SIGINT spy satellites (since 1985)

MAGOTHY – The embassy of the European Union in Washington DC

MAILORDER – Data transfer tool (SFTP-based?)

- Federal database of personal and financial data of suspicious US citizens

- NSA database of bulk phone metadata

MANASSAS – Former NSA counter-encryption program, succeeded by BULLRUN

- NSA database of bulk internet metadata

MARKHAM – NSA data system?

MARTES – NSA software tool to prepare reports

MASTERLINK – NSA tasking source

MASTERSHAKE – NSA tool or database

MATRIX – Some kind of data processing system

MAYTAG – Upstream collection site

MEDLEY – Classified Suite A algorithm

MENTOR – Class of SIGINT spy satellites (since 1995)

MERCED – The Bulgarian embassy in Washington DC

MERCURY – Soviet cipher machine partially exploited by NSA in the 1960′s

MERCURY – Remote SATCOM collection facility

MESSIAH – NSA automated message handling system

METAWAVE – Warehouse of unselected internet metadata

METROTUBE – Analytic tool for VPN data

METTLESOME – NSA Collection mission system

MIDAS – Satellite program

MIDDLEMAN – TAO covert network

MILKBONE – Question-Focused Dataset used for text message collection

- A sister project to Project SHAMROCK (1967-1973)

MINERALIZE – Technique for collection through LAN implants

MIRANDA – Some kind of number related to NSA targets

MIRROR – Interface to the ROADBED system

MOCCASIN – A hardware implant, permanently connected to a USB keyboard

MONKEYCALENDAR – Software implant on GMS SIM cards that exfiltrates user geolocation data

MONKEYROCKET – Sub-program of OAKSTAR for collecting internet metadata and content through a foreign access point

MOONLIGHTPATH (EGL?) – SSO collection facility

MOONPENNY – The NSA satellite intercept station at Harrogate (Great Britain)

MORAY – Compartment for the least sensitive COMINT material, retired in 1999

MORPHEUS – Program of the Global Access Operations (GAO)

MOTHMONSTER – NSA tool for exploiting the TOR network

MOVEONYX – Tool related to CASPORT

MULBERRY – The mission of Japan at the United Nations in New York

(JPM?) – Joint NSA-GCHQ operation to tap the cables linking Google and Yahoo data clouds to the internet Part of WINDSTOP

MUSKET – Retired SIGINT Exchange Designator for ?

MUSKETEER – NSA’s Special Signal Collection unit

- SSO unilateral voice interception program

- Presidential Global Communications System


NASHUA – The mission of India at the United Nations in New York

NAVAJO – The mission of Vietnam at the United Nations in New York

NAVARRO – The embassy of Georgia in Washington DC

NEBULA – Base station router similar to CYCLONE Hx9

NECTAR – SIGINT Exchange Designator for ? (retired)

NELEUS – Remote SATCOM collection facility

NEMESIS – SIGINT satellite

- Operation to kill or capture Osama bin Laden (2011)

NETBOTZ – Remote monitoring tool

NEWSDEALER – NSA’s internal intelligence news network

NIAGARAFILES – Data transfer tool (SFTP-based?)

NIGHTSTAND – 802.11 wireless packet injection tool that runs on standalone x86 laptop running Linux Fedora Core 3 and exploits windows platforms running Internet Explorer, from 8 miles away

NIGHTWATCH – Portable computer in shielded case for recreating target monitor from progressive-scan non-interlaced VAGRANT signals

NINJANIC – Something related to TURMOIL

NITESURF – NSA tool or database

NITRO – Remote SATCOM collection facility

NOCON – NSA dissemination marking or COI

NONBOOK (NK) – Compartment of the ENDSEAL control system

NORMALRUN – NSA tool or database

NUCLEON – Database for contents of phone calls

NYMROD – Automated name recognition system


- Umbrella program to filter and gather information at major telecommunications companies (since 2004)

OCEAN – Optical collection system for raster-based computer screens

OCEANARIUM – Database for SIGINT from NSA and intelligence sharing partners around the world

OCEANFRONT – Part of the communications network for ECHELON

OCEAN SHIELD – NATO anti-piracy operation

OCEANSURF – Engineering hub of the Global Access Operations (GAO)


OCTAVE – NSA tool for telephone network tasking (succeeded by the UTT?)

OCTSKYWARD – Collection of GSM data from flying aircraft

OILSTOCK – A system for analyzing air warning and surveillance data

- CSEC tool for discovering and identifying telephone and computer connections

OLYMPIC – First word of nicknames for programs involving defense against Chinese cyber-warfare and US offensive cyber-warfare

OLYMPIC GAMES – Joint US and Israel operation against the Iranian nuclear program (aka Stuxnet)

OLYMPUS – Software component of VALIDATOR/SOMBERKNAVE used to communicate via wireless LAN 802.11 hardware

OMNIGAT – Field network component

ONEROOF – Main tactical SIGINT database, with raw and unfiltered intercepts

- Newer units of the LACROSSE reconaissance satellites

ORANGEBLOSSOM – Sub-program of OAKSTAR for collection from an international transit switch (sigad: US-3251)

ORANGECRUSH – Sub-program of OAKSTAR for collecting metadata, voice, fax, phone and internet content through a foreign access point

ORION – SIGINT satellite

ORLANDOCARD – NSA operation thtat attracted visits from 77,413 foreign computers and planted spyware on more than 1,000 by using a ‘honeypot’ computer

OSAGE – The embassy of India in Washington DC

OSCAR – SIGINT Exchange Designator for the USA

OSWAYO – The embassy annex of India in Washington DC

- The Lockheed A-12 program (better known as SR-71)


PACKAGEDGOODS – Program which tracks the ‘traceroutes’ through which data flows around the Internet

PACKETSCOPE – Internet cable tapping system

PACKETSWING – NSA tool or database

PACKETWRENCH – Computer exploit delivered by the FERRETCANON system

PADSTONE – Type 1 Cryptographic algorithm used in several crypto products

PAINTEDEAGLE – SI-ECI compartment related to the BULLRUN program

PALANTERRA – A family of spatially and analytically enabled Web-based interfaces used by the NGA

PANGRAM (PM) – Alleged SCI control system

PANTHER – The embassy of Vietnam in Washington DC

PARCHDUSK (PD) – Productions Operation of NSA’s TAO division

PARTNERMALL PROGRAM (PMP) – A single collaboration environment, to be succeeded by the Global Collaboration Environment (GCE)


PATHFINDER - SIGINT analysis tool (developed by SAIC)

PATHWAY – NSA’s former main computer communications network

- Call chaining analysis tool (developed by i2)

PAWLEYS – SI-ECI compartment related to the BULLRUN program

PEARL – Retired SIGINT product codeword

PEDDLECHEAP – Computer exploit delivered by the FERRETCANON system

PENDLETON – SI-ECI compartment related to the BULLRUN program

PEPPERBOX – Tool or database for targeting Requests (CSEC?)

PERDIDO – The mission of the European Union at the United Nations in New York

PERFECTMOON – An out-sites covering system

PHOTOANGLO – A continuous wave generator and receiver. The bugs on the other end are ANGRYNEIGHBOR class

PIEDMONT – SI-ECI compartment related to the BULLRUN program

PICARESQUE (PIQ) – SI-ECI compartment related to the BULLRUN program

PICASSO – Modified GSM handset that collects user data plus room audio

PINUP – Retired SIGINT product codeword

- Database for recorded signals intercepts/internet content

PITCHFORD – SI-ECI compartment related to the BULLRUN program

PIVOT – Retired SIGINT product codeword

PIXIE – Retired SIGINT product codeword

PLATFORM – Computer system linking the ECHELON intercept sites

PLUS – NSA SIGINT production feedback program

POCOMOKE – The Brazilian Permanent Mission to the UN in New York

POISON NUT – CES VPN attack orchestrator

POLARBREEZE – NSA technique to tap into nearby computers

POPPY – SIGINT satellite program

POPTOP – Collection system for telephony data

POWELL – The Greek mission at the United Nations in New York

PREFER – System for identifying and extracting text messages (SMS) from the DISHFIRE database

PRESSUREPORT – Software interface related to PRESSUREWAVE

PRESSUREWAVE – NSA cloud database for VPN and VoIP content and metadata

PRIMECANE – American high-tech company cooperating in providing a network access point for the ORANGECRUSH program

- Program for collecting foreign internet data from US internet companies

PROFORMA – Intelligence derived from computer-based data

- Mobile tactical SIGINT collection system

PROTEIN – SIGINT Exchange Designator for ?

PROTON – SIGINT database for time-sensitive targets/counterintelligence

PROTOSS – Local computer handling radio frequency signals from implants

PURPLE – Codename for a Japanese diplomatic cryptosystem during WWII

- US military OPSEC program (since 1966)

PUTTY – NSA tool or database

PUZZLECUBE – NSA tool or database

PYLON – SIGINT Exchange Designator for ?


QUADRANT – A crypto implementation code


- A consolidated QUANTUMTHEORY platform to reduce latencies by co-locating passive sensors with local decisioning and traffic injection (under development in 2011)

- Secret servers placed by NSA at key places on the internet backbone; part of the TURMOIL program

QUANTUMBISCUIT – Enhancement of QUANTUMINSERT for targets which are behind large proxies

QUANTUMBOT – Method for taking control of idle IRC bots and botnets)

QUANTUMBOT2 – Combination of Q-BOT and Q-BISCUIT for webbased botnets

QUANTUMCOOKIE – Method to force cookies onto target computers

QUANTUMCOPPER – Method for corrupting file uploads and downloads

QUANTUMDNS – DNS injection/redirection based off of A record queries

QUANTUMHAND – Man-on-the-side technique using a fake Facebook server

QUANTUMINSERT (QI) – Man-on-the-side technique that redirects target internet traffic to a FOXACID server for exploitation

QUANTUMMUSH – Targeted spam exploitation method

QUANTUMNATION – Umbrella for COMMONDEER and VALIDATOR computer exploits

QUANTUMPHANTOM – Hijacks any IP address to use as covert infrastructure

QUANTUMSKY – Malware used to block targets from accessing certain websites through RST packet spoofing

QUANTUMSMACKDOWN – Method for using packet injection to block attacks against DoD computers

QUANTUMSPIN – Exploitation method for instant messaging

QUANTUMSQUEEL – Method for injecting MySQL persistant database connections

QUANTUMSQUIRREL – Using any IP address as a covert infrastructure

QUANTUMTHEORY (QT) – Computer hacking toolbox used by NSA’s TAO division, which dynamically injects packets into target’s network session

QUANTUM LEAP – CIA tool to “find non-obvious linkages, new connections, and new information” from within a dataset

QUARTERPOUNDER – Upstream collection site

- Relay satellite for reconaissance satellites

QUEENSLAND – Upstream collection site



RADON – Host tap that can inject Ethernet packets

RAGEMASTER – Part of ANGRYNEIGHBOR radar retro-reflectors, for red video graphics array cable in ferrite bead RFI chokers between video card and monitor, target for RF flooding and collection of VAGRANT video signal

(RGT) – ECI compartment for call and e-mail content collected under FISA authority

RAILHEAD – NCTC database project

RAISIN – NSA database or tool

RAMPART – NSA operational branches that intercept heads of state and their closest aides. Known divisions are RAMPART-A, RAMPART-I and RAMPART-T. Also mentioned as a suite of programs for assuring system functionality

RAVEN – SIGINT satellite

REACTOR – Tool or program related to MARINA?

REBA – Major NSA backbone project



REMATION – Joint NSA-GCHQ counter-TOR workshop

RENOIR – NSA telephone network visualization tool

REQUETTE – A Taiwanese TECO in New York

RESERVE (RSV) – Control system for the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO)

RESERVEVISION – Remote monitoring tool

RESOLUTETITAN – Internet cable access program?


RETROSPECTIVE – 30-day retrospective retrieval tool for SCALAWAG

RETURNSPRING – High-side server shown in UNITEDRAKE internet cafe monitoring graphic

RHINEHEART – NSA tool or database

- Class of SIGINT spy satellites (in 1975 changed to AQUACADE)

RICHTER – SIGINT Exchange Designator for Germany


RIVET JOINT – Reconaissance operation

ROADBED – Probably a military SIGINT database

ROCKYKNOB – Optional DSP when using Data Over Voice transmission in CROSSBEAM

RONIN – NSA tool for detecting TOR-node IP-addresses

RORIPA – SIGINT Exchange Designator for ?

ROYALNET – Internet exploitation tool

RUFF – Compartment of TALENT KEYHOLE for IMINT satellites

RUMBUCKET – Analytic tool

RUTLEY – Network of SIGINT satellites launched in 1994 and 1995


SABRE – Retired SIGINT product codeword


SALVAGERABBIT – Computer implant plug-in that exfiltrates data from removable flash drives that connect to an infected computer

SAMOS – Reconnaissance satellite program

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