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  • Merry Christmas & Happy 2014
    via themoderatevoice

    I haven’t churned out many posts during 2013 (or in 2012 and 2011 for that matter) due to a variety of factors. I am surprised that I’m still around to post these feeble Yuletide Greetings to my TMV colleagues and readers (that wonderful...

  • Damen & Concord, Wicker Park, Chicago / Richie Diesterheft October 2–8, 2015; Chicago News These aren’t pleasant times in Chicago. The truly horrible news is that this past September was Chicago’s deadliest September since 2002, with more than...

  • THE WORLD FOOD CRISIS The World Food Program’s description of the global food crisis raises the specter of a natural disaster surging over an unaware populace that is helpless in the face of massive destruction. With billions of people at risk of hunger...

  • The truth of Federal Reserve Fraud is coming out after all these years of secrecy. BIGGEST SCAM IN HISTORY. Part of a report detailing the financial fraud, investigations leading to mass arrests involving Federal Reserve and the IRS IF THIS DOESN'T...

  • M2RB:  Lyle Lovett (Stick around for Nobody Knows Me Like My Baby) The mystery masked man was smart He got himself a Tonto 'Cause Tonto did the dirty work for free But Tonto he was smarter And one day said, "Kemo Sabe Kiss my ass I bought a boat I'm...

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