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  • Newsletter #133: January 2014
    via secretsofparis

    IN THIS ISSUE: * Live Your Legend Meetup * Elope in Paris * Paris Dining Challenges * Paris Dining Recommendations * Sports Bars in Paris * Shoes, Clothing for Dancers * Shopping Mayhem January 8th * Survival Packs for the Homeless * Eco-Friendly Kitchen...

  • I do research for a living, so you probably won’t be surprised to learn that when it comes to vacations (and nearly every other new experience) I approach planning with a level of systematic compulsion few are capable of. And once the trip is underway...

  • [Photo: Josh Brasted] Chris McMillian, who opened the Ritz-Carlton's Library Lounge and (as rumor has it) makes one of the best mint juleps in the city, is one of the old sages of the city's cocktail scene, able to recall historical facts of the hospitality...

  • From Clapham’s new wine bar and iced tea on tap in Marylebone to the latest Underground Supper Club and the arrival of New York’s most-loved pizza brand, here’s what’s new on London’s dining and drinking scene 1.Redemption, Notting Hill London’s first...

  • Cheese is not exactly something you would expect from a Chinese menu, but in Yunnan, a province of China located near the Burmese border, it's a staple. Made from goat's milk, the dense cheese tastes most like halloumi. This cheese can now be sampled...

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