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  • Hey Dan, tell us your story—about yourself, your son, and how you found blogging as an outlet as a single father? The child I was holding in my arms when my second wife disappeared in a puff of tire smoke out of our lives forever was three years...

  • This past week was National Bisexuality Awareness week, an event in which many bisexuals and their allies speak out about visibility and discrimination. Bisexuality is a common term in modern society, meaning attraction to both sexes. Though this term...

  • We’ve been fans of  Dan Pearce, who shares his musings on Single Dad Laughing, for quite some time. But we really fell in love with the Utah blogger when he wrote the fairly amazing essay, “I’m Christian, Unless You’re Gay,” which inspired a nervous...

  • It all started with the Ghettos & Gardens (released via dirtybird Records in 2012) cover art. That’s what caught my rapt attention initially. The artwork consists of an empty 40 ounce liquor bottle used as a vase for roses – an unlikely...

  • In honor of Father's Day, this week we're paying tribute to some of our favorite dad blogs. Follow these bloggers for their storytelling, their perspective, and their incredible heart. CANADIAN DAD Chris Read blogs to be a better father, first and...

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  • Can Happy People Be Lonely Too?

    In the comments of my last post, it was repeatedly said, "You will never be happy with someone until you are happy being alone." But I don't think that's true.

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