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  • Q1802 Which of the following is NOT an advantage of a stream cipher? A. The same equipment can be used for encryption and decryption. B. It is amenable to hardware implementations that result in higher speeds. C. Since encryption takes place bit...

    via labs.apnic

    Two years ago I reported on the use of the elliptical curve cryptographic algorithm in generating digital signatures for securing the DNS (DNSSEC) ( The conclusion at the time was hardly encouraging:...

  • Cryptography For ULP Devices
    via semiengineering

    Soon virtually everything and everyone will be connected to the IoE in one fashion or another, and much of it will be wireless. To make it all work, these wireless, and low-power devices will need a new paradigm for handling cryptography. Ultra-low...

  • Below is a listing of nicknames and codewords related to US Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) and Communications Security (COMSEC). Most of them are from the NSA, some are from other government or military agencies. Some of them also have an abbreviation...

  • There was an interesting /r/DailyProgrammer challenge this week to write a program that properly hashes passwords for storage in an account database. It's a necessary part of any system that needs to securely authenticate users. Storing user passwords...

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