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  • Best free games to play today Update: The latest game from Left 4 Dead developer Turtle Rock has gone free-to-play. It’s monsters versus hunters with Evolve at number 24 on our list! There’s no doubt about it, gaming isn’t cheap. Ask any hardcore gamer...

  • As developers for tablets and smartphones we like to keep abreast of the latest mobile technology developments . This is a daily digest of mobile development and related technology news gathered from the BBC, the New York Times, New Scientist and the...

  • While the ‘free-to-play’ market has taken a bit of a beating of late due to gamers falling out of love with the use of in-app payments, the world of mobile gaming is still an exciting one. Whether you want games that will just last the length of a commute...

  • “Retweet to win” contests on Twitter make the costs of entering sweepstakes incredibly low. There are no forms to fill out, no email lists to sign up for, and no services to cancel. You simply click the retweet button on Twitter and wait to see if you...

  • jason v. maxwell
    via nodontdie

    My name is Jason V. Maxwell. I'm 31. I live in Atlanta, Georgia. Not originally from here, kind of a military brat and moved all around. And losing interest in games is just -- it's kinda been a gradual decline. I was super-heavy growing up into Commodore...

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