Consequently. I love the opportunity to learn from so many people through history, and not only to learn, but to pass on a tradition, and to have...

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  • Interview by Richard Marshall. ‘If you deny that Kant thought that perceptual consciousness constitutively depends on the understanding – if you think instead that Kant allowed that we could be perceptually presented with empirical particulars independent...

  • Conceptual Understanding in Mathematics
    via grantwiggins.wordpress

    The Common Core Standards in Mathematics stress the importance of conceptual understanding as a key component of mathematical expertise. Alas, in my experience, many math teachers do not understand conceptual understanding. Far too many think that if...

  • This was one of the most disturbing things I've ever read. Not because of the delusions of the patients, but because of the doctors, the paradigm, the presumptions. Presumptions that can, literally, kill. Or at least ruin lives, throw people into padded...

  • A very remarkable 2001 text by Joan Hawkins (part of which appears at the end of the Kindle edition of "I love Dick"). Among her books: "Cutting Edge: Art-Horror and the Horrific Avant-garde", University of Minnesota Press, 2000; and "Downtown Film and...

  • HJ: Most people only ever use a small fraction of their conscious abilities — of the truly incredible things that they are actually capable of. Brendan D. Murphy bursts the door wide open into that still somewhat mystical realm and translates it from...

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  • Greg Restall’s website

    19 September 2017 Working in philosophical logic, I love the opportunity to learn from so many people through history, and not only to learn, but to pass on a tradition, and to have the opportunity ...

  • Greg Restall’s website

    13 February 2017 While I was busy writing my most recent paper, “Proof Terms for Classical Derivations”, I heard that Raymond Smullyan had died at the age of 97. I posted a tweet with a photo of a pag...

  • An Introduction to Substructural Logics

    Website for the book ``Consequences: An Introduction to Substructural Logics''. Information on Philosophical Logic, Relevant/Relevance Logic, Linear Logic, Lambek Calculus, Proof Theory, Category T...

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