The announcement of the Markie Award Finalists for 2017 marks the 11th Anniversary of this prestigious award that highlights the success of the best Modern Marketers in the industry. We continued to receive a high number of entries across Oracle Marketing Cloud.

There were three common themes with this year’s entrants: more stories about the use of data for insights and personalization, stronger ROI metrics speaking to the value they are receiving from Oracle and accolades for the teams who made them successful including their services teams, our partners and Oracle Marketing Cloud employees. We also received 43 videos and we will look to our community to help pick the winning video!

This is an exciting time for our customers and our employees. We had the largest contingent of internal employees and experts to help us select the finalists. Thanks to those who entered and congratulations to our finalists!

All Modern Customer Experience attendees are welcomed to attend the Markies Awards ceremony and dinner to be held on April 25th at 7 p.m. at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

Account-Based Marketing Team of the Year

The following organizations have embraced an end-to-end view across the entire buyer journey and across all channels. They know their buyer profiles and have created targeted campaigns that drive engagement and ROI. They created visibility into which accounts have the greatest propensity to buy and have implemented Account-Based Marketing (ABM) to target the right individuals and accounts to deliver personally relevant and well-timed messaging.

Covance Inc -  Covance’s ABM showed an overall lift of 57% from their targeted companies, 19% who were not previously engaged with Covance in a meaningful way.

DELL - As a result of the ABM framework, Dell has been able to drive cost efficient engagement with their most valuable accounts quarter over quarter, decreasing their Cost per Visit by 38% for their “Future Ready Workforce” campaign and 42% in the “Why Refresh” campaign.

DLT - Using their ABM framework, DLT was able to increase quote requests year over year by 40% and decrease their cost per impression on account-based advertising by more than 50% over their traditional media campaigns in print, radio and bus ads.

NEC Companies – By leveraging Account-Based Marketing, NEC has been able to improve engagement with key accounts, increasing their click through rates 8 times higher than in the past.

Plex –. As a result of their ABM strategy, 77% of new Plex manufacturing cloud logo wins and 76% of new Plex logo pipeline was sourced by marketing.

Best Cross-Channel Marketing Experience

These Marketers are creating personalized experiences with messages and promotions across web, social, mobile, email, display, or other digital channels and ultimately attracting or retaining their ideal customers. They have demonstrated their ability to create fiercely loyal customers who have become brand advocates and driving revenue within their organization.

Azul Linhas Aereas - In just one year, ClubeTudoAzul already represents more than 50% of the revenues of TudoAzul products, and automated cross channel campaigns with email and push are fundamental for an average monthly growth of 30%. Still focused on relationships, the campaigns about the Clube have an engagement 141% higher than the other campaigns.


NET-A-PORTER - NET-A-PORTER’s campaign drove an outstanding conversion rate, increased app downloads by 58% vs. the weekly average during the campaign week and they built excellent engagement rates that have resulted in the growth of our engaged customer base

Select Comfort -  Select Comfort’s custom onboarding program resulted in open and click rates from day 10 onward are 4-6% higher than Oracle’s retail industry benchmarks. When the program launched lead capture was 32% and over time has increased to 56%.

Western Union - Western Union Business Solutions’ results include 40K unique visitors to the websites, over 230K social reaches, 5K content downloads, over 2K unique visitors to the landing pages and assessments, over 300 content views and over 3K unique opens from the email nurture

Friboi - In 5 months, the Friboi Beef Academy, sales increased by 160% in ground beef and 67% increase in rib sales.

Best Digital Marketing Ecosystem

Digital marketing integration can often enhance processes or improve analytics. These organizations have created an integrated ecosystem with CRM, third-party cloud apps, or other applications to automate, streamline, and enhance their marketing efforts.

ADP - As a result of this ecosystem, there are now over 6,400 campaigns tracked through Eloqua in 2016 and our campaign ROI tech stack, up from 3900 campaigns in 2015 across our 7 business units.

IHS Markit - The IHS Markit Digital Marketing Ecosystem currently supports millions of dollars in Marketing Generated and Influenced revenue and creates an accessible and robust marketable universe to support hundreds of marketers and thousands of salespeople across nearly every country in the world.

Juniper Networks – Juniper Networks was able to cut cost per conversion from media targeting in half, double their marketing sourced pipeline, increase organic traffic conversion into the demand funnel by 40%; increase form conversion rates by 65%.

Medtronic -  As a result of the new technologies, integrations and consolidation, in the first half FY17, Medtronic Marketing Contributed pipeline revenue of over $25 million (lead to opportunity) and influenced pipeline revenue of over $790 million.

Western Union Business Solutions - Implementing the new digital ecosystem has resulted in over 5K leads delivered and 120% pipeline growth over target.

Best Email Marketing Campaign

Email can be extraordinary. In fact, there are some email communications that are so well written, so masterfully designed, that it's only a question of when people will respond, not if. These submissions show that achieving extraordinary response rates isn't luck – it's the result of great targeting, content, personalization and timing.

Atea - Careful segmentation and utilization of dynamic content on the landing page helped the company bring a new branded concept to new target audiences, all of which resulted in a staggering ROI of 7,900%.

Cisco - The overall campaign exceeded email marketing industry averages with a reach of 75%, open rate of 39% and a click rate of 9%, leading to a 17% higher renewal rate. (still need customer confirmation to use)

Jetstar - After 70 days in the market and live only in Australia, Jetstar saw a business uplift of $42K in flight revenue; $43K in ancillary revenue; $92K in total revenue, 110 new flight bookings and 615 ancillary purchases.

SunPower -  SunPower’s campaigns resulted in 55.6% conversion rate from sales appointments to purchase and 251 closed/won deals.

Philips (Black Friday Campaign) - Philips was able to generate significant impact and additional bottom line revenue with campaigns seeing open rates as high as 53%.

Best Emerging Company Marketing Campaign

These fast-growing, emerging companies of $100M in revenue or less have lean, mean marketing teams that are forced to do more with less. But, as a Modern Marketing heroes, they have chosen marketing automation to do the work of ten people with just themselves and a trusty sidekick running the show. They have made marketing magic with online creativity, digital communication, and compelling content.

National MI - Since implementing the LOAN program, National MI saw their average click through rate skyrocket by 235% from an average of 2.8% to an astounding 6.6%.

Prophix – Prophix’s online quiz resulted in 1600 completions out of 2300 impressions, with an 8.97% open rate resulted and 0.37% unique click rate.

Scout Exchange - Since launching Scout+, Scout has increased its Fortune 500 user base by 40%. In addition, Scout fees have grown 265% and their NPS increased from 15 to 27, demonstrating the high level of satisfaction amongst Scout customers.

Second City Works - Second City Works’ the “Got Your Back Diversity and Inclusion Campaign resulted in 37 direct opportunities, $304,000 in pipeline, and $104,000 in revenue.

Best Integrated Mobile Experience

For these Marketers, mobile is the platform of choice for the majority of their customers. They’ve got web, email, social, and display at their fingertips and they have created personalized experiences with messages and promotions optimized for mobile.

Mountain America Credit Union - Mountain America increased the number of year-over-year approved Visa cards by 624% and approved balance transfers on mobile devices by 740%.

Pedidos Ya  - The number of orders increased by 130% from 2015 to 2016. Additionally, 75% of orders are placed using the application.

Penn-Foster - Since onboarding this new channel, over 1,095,000 people have opted-in to this new messaging channel. Their first SMS tuition discount notice inbounded over 500 more calls than expected on a typical day and beat our intended revenue goal for the month in one day by $4,433.

Best International Campaign

The Best International Campaign honors the company with a successful marketing campaign outside the United States - in multiple countries in multiple languages, modification of a program originally created in the U.S. and re-launched in another country, or any variation in between.


F-Secure - The campaign resulted in a 25% increase in sales of one of F-Secure’s flagship security solutions, Protection Service for Business (PSB) over the previous year.

LATAM Airlines

Philips (Black Friday) – Philips was able to generate significant impact and additional bottom line revenue with campaigns seeing open rates as high as 53%.

Tableau - The campaign’s collective campaign assets drove high engagement numbers globally, seeing more than 100k opens on the emails and, in some regions click-thru rates as high as 50%.

Best Lead Management Program

These Marketers have a sophisticated lead management program that delivered measurable results. They demonstrate their use of lead scoring and deliver compelling results. In this award, people, process and technology all come into play.

Classic Party Rentals - In 2016 during peak season, Classic Party Rentals online Payments grew from $0 in March 2016 to over $4M per month.

Dun & Bradstreet – Dun & Bradstreet’s Lead Management Program resulted in 40% increase in conversions YOY; over 4500 man hours saved resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost productivity; technology licensing savings of $190,000/year; 25.5% increase in lead volume; 36.7% increase in revenue.

HCL Technologies - HCL Technologies achieved higher conversion rates leading to $752M for FY17; increased marketing touches creating more than 400 Oracle Eloqua campaigns; increase in prospect to customer conversion; an increase of 6% in their FY17’H1 achievement compared to FY16’H1.

The Knapheide Manufacturing Company – Knapheide’s Lead Management Program created a complex eco-system of checks and balances allows marketing and sales to view actionable data that can be sliced and diced in a variety of ways.

Morningstar - Within one quarter, Morningstar saw an increase in lead volume of 1,602%. Furthermore, they saw a 158% total YOY increase in leads sent to sales

Samsung Electronics France - After just four months, marketing’s contribution to the sales pipeline had already increased from 5% to 40%,

Best Overall Customer Experience

Every company says they are customer focused, but few actually deliver. These Marketers have created a customer retention or loyalty program that has successfully transformed their customers into fiercely loyal brand advocates. They have shifted their culture from consumer transactions to customer relationships to drive loyalty.

Avon - Through marketing automation via Responsys, Avon has had an increase of 400% in email revenue and 495% in e-mail participation as a channel.

Experian - By leveraging and integrating CRM data with marketing automation, Experian was able to develop a customer retention campaign that helped deliver the right message at the right time to the right people and encourage clients to renew expiring contracts, while also facilitating more meaningful dialogue between customers and sales.

Lexmark - Of the 2500 new customers that have entered the program, 3.5% actively engaged in the program. Of the active engagements, 52% have been positive asset downloads..

Schibsted - Shibsted accomplished an overall unique open rate of 49% and a unique clickthrough rate of 10%. Their retention rate on a sales campaign with email and web as acquisition channels, are now at 73%.

Symantec - Since launching the campaign, Symantec has seen a 6 point increase in retention rates and a 25.7% increase in renewal revenue.

Best Social Campaign

For finalists in this category, Social Media is more than just a buzz word. These Marketers have found creative ways to utilize both new and traditional social mediums in order to build sustained dialogs with customers and prospects, and have seized the opportunities available through social media to generate proven results.

Cheap Caribbean – Cheap Caribbean gained 15,691 Facebook followers and 8,454 Twitter followers during the social media campaign.

Farm – Farm’s campaign orchestration, combined with content social strategies, images and videos, and email marketing yielded Farm a revenue 47% higher than planned.

La-Z-Boy - La-Z-Boy successfully leveraged an integrated social and email campaign that received 151,711 contest entries, 41,625 Opt-Ins with a reach of 1,747,471 all through social. They successfully converted more than 40,000 previously unknown Contacts into known Contacts to the Eloqua database.

Mack Trucks – Mack Truck’s campaign generated 500-600 viable sales leads with a minimum price point of $100k, which led to a multimillion-dollar pipeline.

TD Ameritrade - TD Ameritrade’s campaign resulted in 31% of total Tool completions referred from social media - 34% from Facebook; 66% from Twitter; 47% from sponsored post activity

Best Testing and Optimization

These Marketers have optimized the online customer experience with testing, insights, and personalization. They have maximized revenue potential across web, mobile, social, apps, and other digital channels as a result and have taken the leap to multivariate sophistication. Nominees for this award have incorporated testing and optimization of their campaigns and programs to mitigate risk, drive better decisions, increase revenue, and improve the customer experience.

Direct Line

Freddie Mac

Hilton – Hilton’s multivariate test drove trade-up from discounts to higher rated packages, and increased the overall conversion for their most vital users: members of their frequency program, Hilton Honors.

Morningstar – Morningstar’s campaign saw a dramatic increase in campaign engagement: a 300% improvement on the open rate and a 500% improvement on the click-through rate. Unsubscribes to the emails from this campaign decreased by 60%, and rejected leads from sales dropped by 88%.

Reserva - The optimized shipping test generated an average ticket increase of 6% and an incredible 41% variation on the end of purchase button on this page, generating a 15% higher revenue in the winning version

Best Use of Data

The data-driven Modern Marketer targets and engages their ideal audience for specific business initiatives These finalists are successfully using data to target, personalize, measure and win. They are using data in innovative and strategic ways, and have seen their efforts pay off with improved customer experiences and ROI.

Bibi - Using an omni channel strategy, Calçados Bibi increased its online sales by 70%, its overall revenue by 5%, its own store revenue by 19% and reduced its traditional media investment by 64%.

Cisco - Providing a digital experience for these customers, has led to an increase in the low-end business from 58% Renewal Rate among the Control Group (no digital engagement) to 70% Renewal Rate among the “Digital Group”, a 12-point or 21% increase in one year.

DX Marketing – Through targeting and personalization, DX Marketing was able to reduce attributable customer acquisition costs by 62%; reduce the number of impressions required to spur a loan origination by half and create 134 deals or closings.

Freddie Mac

Tolexo Online Private Ltd. - Tolexo was able to double their open rates within 40 days of rollout and increase their open rates from 22% to 60%. Email daily revenue also increased 1.5 times while there was a 68% decline in unsubscribe rates.

Best Use of Insights & ROI

These Marketers are interpreting data for actionable recommendations that improve business results and customer experience. This award recognizes an organization that has moved beyond reporting (old methods of organizing data into informational summaries to monitor performance) towards analysis (new data and meaningful insights that improve performance).

Deltek - Deltek can accurately put a monetary value on each and every action they do, seeing the difference between direct correlations of campaigns to pipeline.

HCL – HCL’s goal was to integrate all the existing tools and come up with a highly integrated and automated system which provides full view of leads, campaigns in terms of journey and ROI.

Mountain America Credit Union -  Mountain America Credit Union wanted to obtain actionable reports that included all of their online channels in one reporting dashboard with information about how each campaign performed against their KPIs, resulting in a report that is highly insightful and filled with actionable data.

Rockwell Automation - Rockwell Automation created a methodology of measuring and evaluating buying signals across the entire digital ecosystem.

Viavi - Viavi has streamlined all of systems and data from four distinct entities into one, including three Marketing Automation platforms, three SFDC instances and multiple oracle interfaces.

Modern Marketing Leader of the Year

Just as great people are the foundation for successful businesses, innovators are often the driving force behind exceptional marketing. These nominees are the passionate senior people that push their teams to succeed, lead decisive change, set the vision for the entire marketing organization and introduce innovative concepts.

BT - Nicola Jones - In 18 months, Nicola Jones has transformed not just the way BT does marketing, but the culture of the marketing community to one that is customer-driven, self-reliant, and genuinely empowered to deliver higher quality marketing.

Juniper - Mike Marcellin - Under Mike Marcelin’s leadership, Juniper has been able to create a remarkable digital experience for its customers in a highly competitive field, that has resulted in an accelerated funnel, increased loyalty, and viral advocacy.

Kenya Airways - Chris Diaz - Chris Diaz has not only driven transformation as a thought leader but he embraces the changes which comes with it by supporting new product innovation.

L&T Infotech – Peeyush Dubey - Within a year, Peeyush Dubey has led a holistic transformation making marketing critical to company’s success.

O2  - Paul Stevenson - Paul Stevenson’s ongoing transformation of the organization has had a dramatic impact on the value of marketing including moving marketing pipeline, increasing quality sales appointments and creating Opex savings.

Most Creative Marketing Campaign

Sometimes all of the pieces align to create a fantastic marketing campaign – the perfect idea, the right target, the memorable artwork, the personalized follow-up, and of course, the measurable results.

Caterpillar - Caterpillar’s Dozer Pride campaign not only resulted in significant online buzz, but also helped to increase Caterpillar’s Global Construction and Infrastructure marketable database by 12%.

Eaton - Eaton’s Things Have Changed campaign led to a 15% increase in brand familiarity among all participants and a 48% lift for net new contacts, which resulted in $2.4M in pipeline opportunity and a 353% ROI for Eaton.

Scentre Group

AGEA – AGEA’s loyalty club campaign reached over 220.000 customers with a unique open rate of almost 30%. On average, the campaigns provided a 10% increment in traffic and increased new customer traffic by 10% of new customers.

Covance – Covance’s omni-channel campaign generated 30% more leads and more effectively nurture prospects by offering relevant content based on buying stage, leading to the generation more than $1M in new opportunities within the first six months alone.

Rapid Transformation

Enabling a high performance marketing culture isn’t always easy. For most organizations, it can take time to master the intricate blend of messaging, segmentation, data orchestration, organizational alignment and other disciplines. So how do some businesses make Modern Marketing transformation look easy in their first year? The Rapid Transformation award honors those who have successfully implemented any Oracle Marketing Cloud technology in the past year, for their superb planning, execution, and results.

Carnival - Carnival Cruise Line implemented Eloqua in 60 days to significantly increase the number of phone based selling opportunities their Carnival Vacation Planners have with their leads


Certiport - Certiport’s average MQL response rate decreased from 28 days to 1.7 days; 99% of MQLs are contacted; 64% of new sales and 25.8% of all sales were attributed to marketing campaigns in 2016.

Cisco -  Cisco has seen improvements in metrics across the funnel including 146% increase in known contacts; 5-point increase in MQL to SQL conversion rate and 23% increase in average SQL value.

FIS – Within 6 weeks of implementation, FIS has been able to Increase efficiency through orchestration tools and reduce time to create campaign canvases in half; generate 146% more unique opens through increased emails while keeping their opt-out rate below 1% and created 44% more web traffic, increasing their total social engagement by 222.49% YOY.

Thomson Reuters – In 34 days, Thomson Reuters has been able to increase increase closed/won SFDC Opportunities by over 300% and increase SFDC Closed/Won Incremental Revenue by 89%.

People's Choice Award - Best Video Submission

This award honors the best video submission with a people’s choice award voted on by your peers. These finalists submitted exceptional videos enhanced by creativity, humor or human interest touches.



HBF Health

Juniper Networks


Congratulations to our finalists! Watch the replay of the Markies Finalist announcement below:

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