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  • I'm honored to have been recently added here to this large collection of helpful links… +Denis Labelle built up this list and continues to update it as time goes by. The new additions are in V. Hangouts – he has referenced 2 of my posts on my new http...

  • I'm a pretty good writer, really. If you're not talented at writing you just have to outline some ideas that you have, pass them to a ghost writer, and they'll do the writing for you, they'll fill in the blanks, so your text will look friendly. What...

  • v0.36.0 of googleapis
    via pub.dartlang

    Auto-generated Dart libraries for accessing Google APIs. Usage First, obtain OAuth 2.0 access credentials. This can be done using the googleapis_auth package. Your application can access APIs on behalf of a user or using a service account. After obtaining...

  • Google offers a wide-variety of free tools to help bloggers and webmasters to improve their site’s SEO, improve productivity, make money, and more. In this article, we will show you some of the best free Google tools that every WordPress blogger to use...

  • First Published: July 24, 2009; Last Updated: Tuesday, September 20, 2016. Google may be a synonym for search, but it’s not restricted to that feature alone. If you are not a tech-savvy person then chances are that you are unaware about majority of...

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  • To Sell Is Human - Chapter 8 by Daniel H. Pink | Chief Alchemist

    As goes improv, so go sales and non-sales selling. If you train your ears to hear offers, if you respond to others with 'Yes and,' and if you always try to make

  • NPO – Chief Alchemist Nuttin' fancy here. No APIs. No accounts to create. Simply email FollowUpThen and it will email you back when you specify.]]>

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