Surface Studio!

Microsoft also wants to build beautiful computers, and surprised with a classy and powerful PC that spreads studio atmosphere.

With the Surface Dial, there is also a new input device. Surprise: The iMac copy of Microsoft is more expensive than the original Apple.

Especially creative designer and layout of magazines swear by Apple’s iMac. Forced transfers to other computers that are cheaper, always provide trouble. Most of them are Microsoft products, which should displace the iMac.

Surface has a touch screen and huge memory

Future protests because of a move away from Apple be possibly limits, anyway, then, if the alternative “surface Studio” means a noble computer from Microsoft. The Group has presented the piece of jewelry on the night of Thursday in the United States.

The desktop PC has an elegant liquid-crystal display that is only 12.5 mm thick. It has 13.5 million pixels, so offers an excellent sharp image. The back is completely flat, so the 28-inch LCD can be put if the current task requires it.

The performance is impressive. The memory has over 32 gigabytes, the hard drive has space for 2000 gigabytes.

Additional equipment: a wheel The device can be operated with a rotary dial called Surface Dial, which costs around 100 dollars and is not part of the basic equipment of the Edel PC. The thing is like an ice hockey puck.

The device is designed as an addition to the mouse and keyboard, and to the surface pen, a pencil that acts on the touch screen.

The Surface Dial can be used with any computer running the Windows 10 operating system.

The user can program the wheel itself for different applications. Without this possibility, the Surface Dial offers only a few functions.

Starting price is $2999

The first Microsoft PC’s $ 2999 as entry-level model. For the most expensive version, the customer must shell out proud 4199 dollars. It is a lot more expensive than an iMac. When Germans can whip out their debit card to earn one of these models, is still open.

He is already been promoted now. “Turn your desk into a studio”, attracts the Apple and alphabet, the parent company of Google, third-most valuable company in the world, in the product clip.

Panos Panay, Microsoft’s Vice President for devices, also announced that there are early 2017 a update for Windows 10.

The time was, elected for the performance of the Microsoft innovations to steal the show from Apple, a bit at least.

On Thursday the group among his new MacBook presents (after Central European time).

The designer Aziz BelKharmoudi also showed that a Windows computer can look good.

He had created an all-in-one computer from a Microsoft computer of the Surface series, which already strongly reminded the iMac.

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