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  • Hi All, So I am trying to boot linux on zc706 from SD card. However, after the kernel is booted, the command prompt freezes and I cannot type any words. Any ideas on what is gonig on? I am using linaro file system but that should not be a big issue...

  • To provide more info about the kernel and the DTB that I used: - Ubuntu disk image 'ubuntu-14.04-headless-z7010-20150130.1.img' - Linux kernel and DTB per http://www.parallella.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=1328&p=8507#p8505 I have manually created...

  • A Flashable Image for the Intel Edison The Intel Edison system-on-a-chip boards are pretty cool, a little compute module can plug into a number of different breakout boards. There’s an Arduino-style board, and another form-factor featuring a bunch of...

  • Xen DomU is not working
    via troublevn

    why am I not getting logging screen? what I need to do to see the login screen ? Starting Mount filesystems on boot [ OK ] Starting Populate /dev filesystem [ OK ] Stopping Populate /dev filesystem [ OK ] Starting Fix-up /sys/kernel/debug filesystem...

  • This is a reboot of a story I created a few years ago about Jeff The Killer's sister but he not only has 1 sister but 2 sisters New page '''Hello.My name is Katie Woods & I'm...well I'm currently 33 years old but since I'm dead,I'm still 16.I'm...

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