Mother Of Nakia Venant Watched Her Suicide Live Stream

14-year-old Florida girl Nakia Venant tragically hung herself in a bathroom inside her Miami foster home last January and streamed the entire thing on Facebook Live.

Now, The Florida Department of Children and Families has discovered the Nakia’s own mother watched along as her daughter took her own life live on social media, and did nothing to intervene. Even worse, she actually commented on the broadcast, mocking her daughter while the hanging was taking place.

Gina Cazec allegedly criticized her daughter Nakia, who was in foster care due to an abusive relationship with her mother, throughout the 2-hour live stream, commenting that Nakia is a “custody jit” and that she was “crying wolf” and “seeking attention” with her suicide attempt.

The saddest part of it all…this all took place while Nakia’s foster parents were asleep in their room. Had her biological mother bothered to make a phone call on her daughter’s behalf at any point during the 2-hour live stream, her daughter’s life may have stood a fighting chance.

So sad.


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