Blog James Rcpt. There are more and more advanced features: storage tiers, security policies, life-cycle policies, logging, versioning, requestor-pays...

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  • I’m at an airport, about to board the first of three flights across the world, from timezone +8 to timezone -8. I’ll be in transit 27 hours to get to Seattle, Washington state. I’m leaving my wife and two young children behind. My work has given me...

  • Large-scale, enterprise data centers are generally run “by the book.” Policies, best practices, and operational procedures are developed, refined, captured, and codified, as part of responsible IT management, often with an eye toward the ITIL model....

  • In part 1, we looked at the building blocks of AWS and GCP. This part of the series will introduce the compute service by comparing Amazon EC2 and Google Compute Engine (GCE). Signing up and getting started Both AWS and GCP allow us to create an account...

  • Data and IoT unveiled as a major focus at AWS re:Invent 2016 Image Credit: Amazon Web Services re:Invent is now well and truly over for another year and while the flood of announcements has slowed, in true AWS style they haven’t stopped, just slowed...

  • In any Cloud IT operations, gaining visibility into user activities is important for achieving compliance and meeting the regulatory standards of the enterprise. For years in AWS, we used to solve this with a combination of tools for log collection,...

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    Please Note: this article is written from my personal perspective as a Debian Developer, and is not the opinion or expression of my employer. Amazon Web Service‘s EC2 offers customers a number of Oper...

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    CPAN carries a module called File::Pid, that implements a PID file object that writes to a file. The documentation suggests it be used as: use File::Pid; my $pidfile = File::Pid->new({ file =>...

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    The radio silence here on my blog has been not from lack of activity, but the inverse. chewed up the few remaining spare cycles I have had recently (after family and work), but not from...

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