Starting an Online Store or taking it to the next level? What comes to your mind first? A lot of people say online store name and logo. Also, according to google’s keyword planner, 2000 people in India search for this on google per month on an average!

If you are not looking to spend money on getting designer help, there are number of free options available on the internet for designing your logo. You just need to go about it the right way.

Top 5 free tools to design a logo:

1. Canva

This is by far the best free tool to make professional looking designs. I personally recommend this for designing anything you need on the internet – Logos, Cover Images, Social media posts, et all.

Here is an example of an online store on Instamojo which was designed using Canva only:

2. Free logo design

This tool is dedicated to only designing logos and hence they have a vast catalog of templates. You can design your logo in 4 steps:

Type in your Business name

Choose a template

Customise your logo by changing font, color etc.


3. Pic Monkey –

Pic Monkey is a full fledged online picture tool which can be used to edit pictures as well as design logos.

Their logo overlay collection is really good. It gives you a blank editor to start with where you can:

Add and customise text

Add images and edit them

Download your design.

4. Logo Makr –

Logo Makr gives you a blank canvas to start with. You can add your graphics, text and edit them to make a logo. Here is a video that will help you learn how to design a logo with Logo Makr within 5 minutes:

5. Design Mantic –

Design Mantic is for the most basic and minimalistic logo designs you can think of.

It gives you a basic logo maker with thousands of logo templates to choose from.

You can customize everything you want with fonts, colors, symbols and more.

You can neatly categorize designs according to industry and alphabets.

10 things to consider before designing your Online Store Logo:

A logo speaks about who you are – and it stays in people’s mind as a reference to your brand.

Here are 10 things our in house designer Yatish Asthana has to tell you about logo designing:

1. Check your competitors logo to get an idea about current trends.

2. Before starting to design, go through iconic re-designs of brands like Apple, Samsung, Heinz – the evolution of their logos will make you see how design changes impact people’s perspective about a brand.

3. Be aware of color palette. You should have a combination of colors that will be consistent throughout your branding – your marketing collaterals and website will stand out if you have a basic color palette throughout.

4. Avoid using stereotype colors, for example, if you think of a money symbol – it doesn’t need to be color green only.

5. Keep your design minimal and simple. As a rule of thumb for logo – any design that can be hand drawn on paper with a pen and pencil is good.

6. Know the difference between an icon and a logo. A logo speaks louder than an icon.

7. Make your logo print friendly – it requires higher resolutions.

8. Your logo should be scalable. This basically means that what you design today will stick with you tomorrow and the design should have enough rooms for future changes.

9. Make your logo friendly for all types of usage – online, black and white, monochrome. You will have to use it online on all your marketing images and collateral.

10. After you’ve made your logo, take feedback from your friends and family.

Now that you have read about the basics of logo design and how to create them with the 5 top free tools, lets also see how easy it is to also create a cover image to go with your logo using Canva:

Online Store Cover Image Design with Canva

Create your free account and log in to Canva.

Select custom image resolution or choose any from their template.

Browse through their Layouts (as shown in the image below, in the left hand side) and start editing it.

Add text and customise it accordingly.

You can download the design at any time in printable or web use format.

If you are running out of time and want to get your logo and cover images designed by trusted designers, you can check out Instamojo Connect. This platform enables small businesses find unique business services from trusted professionals verified by Instamojo.


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