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  • This Sunday, Sir David Attenborough, naturalist, maker of wildlife documentaries, snuggler of gorillas, wielder of That Voice, keeper of the blue shirt, and Most Trusted Man in Britain, turns 90. To mark the occasion, and celebrate his unbeatable oeuvre...

  • We have already posted a number of posts to show you how amazing, beautiful, and cute animals are, but this time around, we are going to show yet another great quality some animals have – enormous loyalty and bravery. That is right, our post today is...

  • The SLJ Reviews team took a look at this season’s crop of board books and decided which ones to highlight. They run the gamut in terms of content, themes, and style so we’ve arranged them topically to aid in your collection development decisions. Concept...

  • The internet loves animals. Like a lot. It loves otters and sloths and bears and slow lorises. It really loves cats. "The Internet’s preference for cats runs so deep," Gideon Lewis-Kraus notes at Wired, "that when Google’s secretive X Lab showed a string...

  • A Family Adventure To Tanzania
    via blog.africadreamsafaris

    We arrived at night on March 16 2016 to a warm breeze in Arusha. Our driver handed us bracelets made by Masai women for us girls, along with stamped postcards too. We were escorted right through check in and fell exhausted onto our comfy beds at the...

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