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  • The power of the Internet to shake up well-established industries has become a common theme in recent years as many businesses struggle to compete with new entrants and technologies. While it has captured limited attention outside of educational circles...

  • The publishing giant Elsevier owns much of the world’s academic knowledge, in the form of article copyright. In the past few weeks it has stepped up enforcement of its property rights, issuing “take-down notices” to, where...

  • Europe and Latin America Expand Their Collaboration for Open Science;   *Six Historical Newspapers Added to National Library of Singapore’s NewspaperSG Portal;   *Elsevier adds over one million new figures and tables to Geofacets;   *Gates Foundation...

  • The latest news and updates from BioMed Central
    via elbiruniblogspotcom.blogspot

    An important ORCID milestone reached ORCID identifiers give researchers a unique digital code that distinguishes them from every other researcher and links their publication record, reducing confusion and ensuring that academics get proper recognition...

  • My Dear Wormwood, So you aspire to become an academic publishing magnate. You noble devil. Supporting the life of the mind. Disseminating research conducted in the public interest. Sharing the output of the academy with those beyond our ivy-encrusted...

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  • Voorwoord

    2017-03-09 15:26:12 @incollection{8513667, author = {De Rynck, Filip}, booktitle = {Een woonzorgzone loont}, editor = {Deloddere, Myriam}, publisher = {Vanden Broele}, titl...

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