BEKS Kitesurfing. Friendly beginner to advanced lessons from IKO qualified kitesurfing instructor Chris Miles.

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  • Kitesurfing isn’t a mere hobby or activity, but it does provide plenty of fun. It’s a very physical activity for those looking for an adrenaline rush on the water. The surface water sport combines many of the same aspects as skateboarding, snowboarding...

  • Thinking about going kitesurfing in Vietnam? Here’s some things you need to know. Why Should You Go Kitesurfing In Vietnam? The kitesurfing in Vietnam is widely considered to be the world’s very best. Reliable winds, warm weather, idyllic beaches and...

  • Everyone knows that doing sports is a good way to create a healthy work-leisure balance. Nonetheless, when you are required to travel this can become a problem since taking part of team sports is difficult if you are not in one place for a very long...

  • When it comes to kiteboarding lesson Tarifa hosts highly qualified instructors with many years of experience in this domain and a real passion for kitesurfing. Attending a professional kitesurfing school Tarifalocated means that you will work closely...

  • Kitesurfing in Bali
    via kite2012

    Kitesurfing, also known as” Kiteboarding “started at the end of the 90’ and become one of the most popular extreme water sports gaining followers all over the world. Kitesurfing is a unique and exciting sport that is the combination of many...

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