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  •     Fortunately, learning is not limited to only a small minority of people anymore; it is not even limited to visiting a school or a university. The Internet makes it possible for us to distribute knowledge at a small price, and is full of...

  • Course Descriptions
    via eastwest

    Accounting AC101 | Fall/Winter FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING I 4 CREDITS | COREQUISITE: MT155 will also be examination of the standard setting process, the accrual process, and preparation of financial statements. This course uses a rues-based approach to...

  •     If you code websites, it’s a good bet that at least one of your clients has asked about or requested a mobile-friendly website. If you go the responsive design route (whereby your website is flexible enough to adjust visually from...

  • Android can be beautiful. Naysayers might tell you otherwise, but it’s absolutely true. Admittedly, it’s far easier to find visually stunning apps for the iPhone and iPad; truth be told, there are just more of them in the App Store.&nbsp...

  • Class-Scheduling Conundrums
    via harvardmagazine

    How to be One Harvard when the College expands to Allston The new engineering and applied sciences complex in Allston will create a second center of College teaching—and raises significant challenges for scheduling classes across the expanding Harvard...

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  • Web Development and Design

    british columbia institute of technology comp 1850 | comp1950 web design and development COMP1850 and COMP1950 online notes are located on this server. COMP 1850

  • comp 1850 | lecture six

    define site objectives - what's the point? business goals? creative goals? (context) define audience - who are they and what do they need? do they need to do things? buy things? learn something? all o...

  • comp 1850 | lecture ten

    usually designed specifically to interact with the user and certain events when an event occurs, the browser executes the related action when interpretation is done by the machine where the program ...

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