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  • Learning a foreign language used to be a laborious exercise in frustration: Writing reams of verb conjugations, often with little to no comprehension, and almost always still unilingual at the end of the day. Pas plus! These days, you have an incredible...

  • What’s the best way to learn a new language? A really good way to approach language hacking is to look at how other people learn - especially how successful language learners pick up a new language and approach the challenges of language learning. ...

  • Indian ethnic pride is something that rises every time an Indian achieves something in foreign land. Currently it’s Sundar Pichai. Now that Sundar Pichai has been appointed as Google CEO, as usual, many Malaysian Indians proclaim, “Proud to be Tamillianz...

  • How to Speak Arabic
    via wikihow

    Arabic is quickly becoming one of the world's most important languages. With more than 120 million speakers that span many regions and several continents, Arabic is one of the top ten most spoken languages on the planet. The language itself is fundamentally...

  • The tourism industry is definitely on a rise thanks to the number of people taking more vacations every year. With the changing trend, youngsters are more keen to save up for a trip and see the world than save up for a house or car. The increase in spending...

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