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May 2016

Poster – The Geek Voice – Episode 1 – Parth, Shyamala & Hussain

Along with Donna Benjamin, Shyamala Rajaram is going to represent the rest of the Drupal world on the Drupal Association board. She’s the first person from India—no, the first person apart from the European or North American timezone to be elected!

Not a lot of people know about her as a person or about her community contributions. Listen in as The Geek Voice explores what she does, how she does it, and why as we uncover some of her plans as a Community at Large board member.

Axelerant Achievements

Axelerant presented two sessions from two tracks at DrupalCon New Orleans: one under Project Management and the other under Drupal.org.

100%  of Axelerant team members would refer a friend and have rated the agency at 4.7 out of 5 on Glassdoor.

Some New Team Member Achievements

Mohit Aghera will be maintaining the Drupal 8 branch of the User Badges module. He has also worked on it along with  Chx (https://www.drupal.org/u/chx) to release latest version 8.x-1.0-beta1.

Michael Cannon lead the photography team at DrupalCon New Orleans.

Hussain Abbas released migrate_yaml module.

Great job, team!


307 Drupal 8 commits by Axelerant
hussainweb : 215
rudraram : 12
alansaviolobo : 8
mohit_aghera : 8
tkuldeep17 : 8
skippednote : 8
aliyakhan : 7
truptti : 5
miteshmap : 5
sushyl : 4
ankit agrawal : 4
subharanjan : 3
alvimurtaza : 3
phantomvish : 2
rajeevk : 2
lakshminp : 2
shwetaneelsharma : 2
swati_qa : 2
sabreena : 1
am_sreenivasan : 1
karthik kumar bodu : 1
nikitajain : 1
nikunjkotecha : 1
pradeep22saini : 1
saurabhsirdixit : 1

Saurabh and Subharanjan supported several WordPress plugins through responding to over 20 forum questions.

Current Job Openings

5o team members strong and still hiring!

Business Development Manager

Drupal Developer

Drupal Themer / Frontend Developer

Talent Acquisition Specialist


Recommend the right people for Axelerant, and get a referral bonus!

See refer a friend for details.

Birthdays & Anniversaries

Ankur: 4 year Employment Anniversary on June 1

Parth:  3 year Employment Anniversary on June 1

Aroop: 1 year Employment Anniversary on June 1

Trupti: Birthday on June 1

Swati: Birthday on June 11

Syed: Birthday on June 15

Pradeep: Birthday on June 20


April 30, 2016: Drupal Bangalore Meetup

May 9-13, 2016: DrupalCon New Orleans

Reference: Contributions & Events Tracker

Policy Changes

Salary correction can be requested at the time of appraisal cycle i.e. July and January, once every three years.

Axelerant will celebrate Marriage and Child Birth for team members by Gifting Rs 5100 for the occasion starting April 1, 2016.

Heroes of the Month and Givers of the Month are on hold.

Reference: Inside Axelerant


If you’d like to contribute to the next newsletter, contact #hr

Be sure to share photos on #general

Family meetups have a ₹ 1600/family budget

Submit expense reimbursements via Xero

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