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  • OCTOBER 22 In History 362: A mysterious fire destroys the temple of Apollo at Daphne outside Antioch. According to one source,the Christians living in Antioch who were angry with the Emperor Julian for the favor he showed to Jewish and pagan rites,...

  • The following by Norvell B. De Atkine is reposted here with permission of Middle East Forum Why Arabs Lose Wars by Norvell B. De Atkine Middle East Quarterly December 1999 Norvell De Atkine, a U.S. Army retired colonel with eight years residence...

  • Laitin Americans
    via sco.wikipedia

    ← Aulder reveision Reveision as o 16:11, 31 Januar 2013 Line 12: Line 12: |language= español}}; '''Australia''' [http://www.censusdata.abs.gov.au/ABSNavigation/prenav/ViewData?breadcrumb=POLTD&method=Place%20of%20Usual%20Residence&subaction=-1&issue...

  • Before the 31st United Nations Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva, 500 human rights organizations, law professors, former UN office holders, and high-profile rights defenders including four Nobel Peace Prize laureats and a Pulitzer Prize winner,...

  • He (Sri/a Prabhupada) seemed to know that he would have temples filled up with devotees. He would look out and say, "I am not a poor man, I am rich. There are temples and books, they are existing, they are there, but the time is separating us from them...

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