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  • Welcome to the fourth article of our series: Architecture – A Stroll Through the Epochs. We continue our series with Baroque architecture as our next subject — undeniably the grandest and most sumptuous of the classical styles. To establish the cause...

  • Chapter Nine: Judgement
    via mike777ac.wordpress

    It was a peaceful, moonlit winter night in the capital of Hithu Kingdom, Saer. The metropolis was over thirty square miles, and had a population of nearly two-million ‘pure-blooded’ Wood-Elves. There was a strict curfew, so the city streets were completely...

  • westsemiteblues: tikkunolamorgtfo: unlimitedgoats: jas0nwaterfalls: imhere4thedrinks: jas0nwaterfalls: aijah-badu: But listen to me though. boy if this aint the dumbest most try hard post ive ever seen in my gotdamn life… you gotta search long...

  • 24-02-2016 - Year XXII - Num. 38 Summary - General audience: mercy and power - Audiences - Other Pontifical Acts - "Love before the world": the Pope answers questions from children - Francis to meet the Patriarch of the Orthodox Tewahedo Church...

  • Cathedral of the Holy Cross Akdamar, Eastern Turkey The Cathedral of the Holy Cross Akdamar (Aghtamar) Island, in Turkey's Lake Van, is a medieval Armenian Apostolic cathedral, built as a palatine church for the kings of Vaspurakan and later serving...

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  • Amya » 1.03

    Hello everyone, As always, thank you for all your support. We will be running the comic twice this week; today, and Saturday October 17th. We also have a vote incentive running for the TWC vote link o...

  • Amya » The Cast

    Focus: Illusions/Fire Faye is the youngest daughter of the regal Lordship Gregory Eolande. Having been heavily sheltered from the world beyond the walls of Alba, a large portion of her life has been s...

  • Amya » A Graphic Novel

    Donations Amya is completely fan supported and creator distributed. All donations aid with the maintenance of the website and production of the series. If your enjoy our work, please consider support...

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