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  • GREENSBORO, N.C. — Battered by sordid new accusations of sexual misbehavior, Donald Trump fought back in ever-more-remarkable fashion Friday, acting out one woman’s allegation onstage and suggesting another was not attractive enough to merit his attention...

  • Imagine how stone cold deaf these leftwing politicians are even after Brexit. In a vitriolic tirade, Donald Trump was branded ‘racist and sexist’ by UK House of Commons Speaker John Bercow, as he revealed the US President will be barred from making...

  • Bill White On #Pizzagate
    via downwithjugears.blogspot

    [A little dated, but sometimes Bill's stuff mysteriously disappears in transit. - HAC] All weekend the major media has been denouncing what it calls fake news and attacking what it calls the #Pizzagate conspiracy theory. In doing so it has, as always...

  • Brand is the be-all-end-all of Donald Trump. And the core of Trump’s brand is that squinty, jut-jowled, unreflective scowl, the Dirty Harry stare he insists on plastering everywhere — book covers, posters, his website—because it advertises his most marketable...

  • Two extreme, very polarized paradigms have emerged as President Donald Trump takes command of the White House. After the shattered hopes and fraud perpetrated by America’s first black hope-exploiting president, Trump supporters naively believe they’ve...

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  • American Buddhist Net

    American Buddhist Net This video is only sort of good. I watched it all and enjoyed it. It gives a decent overview of what else might have happened to Jesus after he died. Most Buddhists probably know...

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