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  • Today’s New York Times story on the continuing harassment and humiliation of the women at the center of the Anthony Weiner scandal is a play in two acts. Two weeks ago the Times first posted the story, but it was immediately taken off the website...

  • Table of Contents “When the industry looks out of the window” Jane Friedman: Porter’s Brain My Fellow Millennials “When the industry looks out of the window” You know me. I’d just amend Tom Chalmers‘ good...

  • April 21-22
    via publicdiplomacypressandblogreview.blogspot

    "This is an infinitely boring country, which, though it has not the slightest idea about this, is condemned to a sad and pitiful fate." --U.S. diplomat George Kennan on the United States (1953), architect of the containment policy regarding the Soviet...

  • ABC International has reasons to be proud of its recent “landmark” deal to provide ABC content in China. The deal, which will see the establishment of an online portal, also seems to make it harder for the government to justify scrapping...

  • A little over a year ago, I went on national TV and vowed to never again write about Donald Trump. I believed his candidacy was a stunt and a farce, crass performance art mixed with brazen brand promotion. I didn’t think Trump seriously wanted to be...

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  • America East - AE

    Thank You Thank you to all who attended the 2019 America East News Media & Technology Summit. We received outstanding feedback about the engaging sessions and speakers, the new vendor solutions center...

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