Vote twice for Schnitzel

This week you have a chance to vote twice for Schnitzel!

Michael Schmid
Tue, 03/08/2016 - 15:50

People who know Amazee and the Amazee spirit, know that we are all about the Drupal community and contributing back to it; not only in the form of code, but in many other ways.

These other types of contribution need help from you to actually become a reality.

#1: Drupal Association At-Large Board position

The Drupal Association Board has two members that are elected to their seat by the community, called "At-Large" Board members. This role is designed to represent the community within the board.

Community representation is very important and therefore these board members should bring two qualities: Broad knowledge of the community and and governance experience. Both qualities I bring to the board:

I am a volunteer in the issue queue pushing Drupal forward, an event attendee, trainer, speaker, sponsor and organizer.

I also have experience serving as a board member of Amazee Holding and Amazee Labs.

Additionally with traveling and managing a team on three different continents, I understand the pain points and opportunities of Drupal diverse cultures, languages, nationalities, genders, time-zones, and unique personalities.

If you would like to know more about my campaign for the Drupal Association At-Large Board position, see my Candidate Profile, then, please vote!:

Vote for Michael/Schnitzel

How to vote: You need a Drupal.org account that is at least one month old in order to be eligible to vote. Don't wait - voting ends March 18.

#2: Community Keynote at DrupalCon New Orleans

Another big other part of my community contributions is sharing Drupal knowledge in the form of sessions at Drupal Camps, DrupalCons and other events.

In the past I mostly focused on technical topics and case studies, but most recently at DrupalCamp London and DrupalCon Barcelona, I gave a presentation about the topic of stress and stress prevention. Afterwards I received a lot of great feedback and people told me that my tricks helped them. I now realize that we are not sharing enough about this topic.

I would like the opportunity to talk about this very important topic at a community keynote where my message will reach the necessary audience this topic requires: all of us.

So I submitted a session called "Your brain health is more important than your standing desk", where I would present about this topic in front of the whole DrupalCon audience.

Vote for Michael's Community Keynote

How to vote: To vote you need to be logged in to see and click on "vote for this session".

Thank you very much for your support!



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